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Al-Qaeda Democrats working Wacker Drive, Chicago?

Excerpt: .. track al-Qaeda assets to Chicago .. Countrywide .. 1 N. Wacker Drive .. built by Amec .. chosen by Clinton Democrats to upgrade Pentagon NavalCommand Center, WTC#7 and NYSE before [`hits'] on 9/11.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Al-Qaeda Democrats working Wacker Drive, Chicago?

Responding to a challenge by Osama bin Laden, I find myself tracking `al-Qaeda' assets to the Chicago offices of Countrywide Securities Corp. at 1 North Wacker Drive in a 51-story tower built by Amec, the British company chosen by the Clinton Democrats to upgrade the Pentagon's US Naval Command Center, WTC#7 and the New York Stock Exchange trading floor, before `al-Qaeda' saboteurs destroyed or disabled these targets on 9/11.

Osama bin Laden challenges the forensic economists at Hawks CAFE by declaring after 9/11, "We have three independent networks to move al-Qaeda assets around the world and all the resources of the Americans and British cannot stop us" and at some other time, says, "It matters not whether Muslims or Socialists destroy America."

It is self evident that while bin Laden may have thought his three networks were independent, al-Qaeda missions are tightly coordinated, even back to the group's first attempt to kill George Bush Sr. in Kuwait and destroy the World Trade Center in 1993.

I note1993 was the year which saw the birth and marketing of the al-Qaeda terrorist group and launched U.S. president, Bill Clinton's two-term administration after the 1992 and 19966 Democrat election campaigns had been financed by Carlyle Canada*, the French American Foundation** and allegedly mobbed-up labor unions such as LIUNA.

Osama bin Laden set me hunting for the computer tools needed to coordinate a decade of his `paramilitary' maneuvers and has led me to MindBox Internet software used by the investment clients of Countrywide at 1 North Wacker, software which provides a good match to al-Qaeda's `signature' on the contrived panics of 9/11 and other attacks.

Al-Qaeda's coordinated attacks would prove highly profitable for any Democrat Party insiders with access to Countrywide MindBox or `Wacker' software and prior knowledge of sabotage-vulnerability tests planned by Amec's blast technicians and anthrax experts for 9/11 when the tests went real enough to kill nearly 3,000 American citizens.

Al-Qaeda's asset trackers will find that, not only did insiders profit, but something so terrified the Democrats on the Council of the City of New York, that they awarded contracts to Amec in a partnership with the Luchese crime family to destroy any evidence of MindBox-coordinated arson, hedge-fund, mortgage, insurance and securities frauds.

Returning to Countrywide's MindBox office at North wacker, we find a kitty-corner Chicago Mercantile Exchange at 20 South Wacker and Carlyle Canada* affiliate, BNP Paribas, at 30 South Wacker.

I believe that Countrywide's Wacker neighbors made an estimated and unconscionable $1.2 trillion in arbitrage profits on the CME after Amec responded to al-Qaeda's attacks by shutting down its construction work and closing the NYSE for 4 trading days after 9/11.

Could the offices of Countrywide's Mr. Gasher at North Wacker – I'm not making this up – be a MindBox hub used to coordinate al-Qaeda's hedge-fund frauds on 9/11?

Countrywide claims MindBox software can restructure an insured mortgage or loan as a hedge-fund or event-arbitraged transaction in 15 seconds.

I claim Countrywide's MindBox investors can hedge against disobedient or disloyal `al-Qaeda' agents by `selling' them a home-equity line of credit (`HELOC') at the same time as a life-insurance policy whereby MindBox generates `clickback' payments or blood-and-hush money for families and co-workers in the event of an agent's `accidental' death.

Are we looking at 342 cases of Murder One after New York firefighters died in the Twin Towers when their Motorola analog radios quit in the middle of Amec's sabotage vulnerability tests after a repeater antenna on WTC#5 was damaged by falling debris and the innocent victims didn't get to hear whispered (?) orders to evacuate from their superior officers?

And who ordered New York City and union leaders not to investigate or to retaliate?

I end this post with the contextual notes below and a challenge for existing members or anyone interested in joining the Hawks CAFE yahoo group.

Did Democrat Party insiders working Wacker Drive, share in any of the profits after those re-mortgaged, re-insured towers collapsed on NY firefighters responding to what they thought was an al-Qaeda 9/11?

And if they did, who do you think is next?


David Hawkins

Notes etc.: "Al-Qaeda Democrats working Wacker Drive, Chicago?"

In retrospect, I don't think Osama bin Laden recognized that al-Qaeda assets, moving on different networks coordinated by MindBox software, would leave such a tell-tale signature.

We see that inexperienced MindBox users, including al-Qaeda's novice pilots on 9/11, have an extraordinary ability to execute complex maneuvers in large passenger jets, operate special weapons, synchronize sabotage attacks and neutralize enemy command centers.

Back-tracking through MindBox, we find that the three asset-moving networks that appeared independent to Osama bin Laden, have been given widely-distributed hubs and net-centric war rooms designed to throw investigators off the scent…..

1. Financial war-room network operated by Carlyle Canada out of Montreal in a joint private equity venture with Pargesa (Geneva) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

2. Virtual (online, electronic) war room network, operated by Carlyle-affiliate Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates out of Gatineau, Quebec, in a joint venture with MIT's Center for Coordination Science (now, Center for Collective Intelligence) and the apparently-terrified and compromised board of directors of the Boeing Company in Chicago.

3. The physical and human-intelligence war rooms operated by Countrywide's loan officers using MindBox out of One North Wacker Drive, Chicago in an alleged joint-venture mortgage fraud with AMEC, the British company which used Laborers' (LIUNA) blast technicians and anthrax experts for sabotage-vulnerability tests on the Pentagon, the WTC complex and baggage-handling areas at Logan Airport on 9/11!

Backtracking to 1993, we find CIA operatives in Langley, Va., thwarted alleged attempts by "militants syndicalistes" embedded in the French American Foundation (`FAF') in New York and Paris, to demolish the World Trade Center, assassinate George Bush Sr. in Kuwait and blame it all on `al-Qaeda'.

Interpolating between 1993 and 9/11 and beyond, we find that FAF banking sponsors, Carlyle Canada and JPMorgan, recognized the need for a `counter-counter-intelligence' service to neutralize the CIA and improve the success of future `al-Qaeda' missions, including the alleged use of a thermite bomb on a military Boeing 737 to murder US commerce secretary, Ron Brown, the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa, the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Aden Harbor, the 9/11 demolition of WTC#1, 2 and 7, and the more-recent bombings in Bali, Bombay and Baghdad.

In 1996, FAF appears to have ordered allegedly-treasonous agents in the Clinton White House and Democrat Party to steal a copy of an `al-Qaeda' computer database with the names and addresses for CIA SWAT teams in the Middle East and around the world, including Canada and America.

FAF transferred the stolen copies of the `al-Qaeda' national intelligence database to virtual and physical war rooms in North America and began to extort the conversion of terrified government, business and labor-union leaders and CIA operatives, including Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, into double agents ready for 9/11.

*The Carlyle Canada Private Equity Group at 9/11 *Allegedly in contact with `al-Qaeda' SWAT teams through Carlyle's virtual war rooms on 9/11, Carlyle Canada's private equity group included James A. Baker, Frank C. Carlucci (Chairman of Nortel and its $100 billion "pump-and-dump" hedge fund frauds until April 2001), Laurent Beaudoin (set up the bogus loan-financed NATO war-game school in Canada, allegedly with money stolen by Carlyle from the UN Oil-for-Food program and allegedly used by Carlyle Canada to rehearse the NATO maneuvers used in the sabotage of NORAD on 9/11), Peter G. Bentley (CAI's MindBox and international advisory board of Chase Manhattan Bank - now JP Morgan), Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr. (Chairman of the Board of Pargesa Holding S.A. (Switzerland). Member of international advisory committee of Chase Manhattan Bank - now JP Morgan - and the supervisory council of AXA and the Compagnie Financière de Paribas (France)), Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna (CAI's MindBox and Amec advisory council), David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (director of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates - provider of virtual war room and MindBox services to NATO-NORAD and Canada - on 9/11+1), William Sinclair and Lynton Wilson (CAI's MindBox and from May 2001, the Chairman of Nortel Networks, a provider of VoIP and virtual war room services to the Pentagon where wire and wireless systems were sabotaged on 9/11 to bypass the presidential chain-of-command. Nortel is under investigation for its $100 billion "pump-and-dump" fraud in Canada and America which asset stripped many labor-union pension funds).

**French American Foundation (`FAF') insiders, allegedly in contact with `al-Qaeda' SWAT teams through Carlyle's virtual war rooms on 9/11, include FAF former Young Leaders Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, the impeached 42nd president of the United States and Wesley Clarke, the fired former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, and FAF affiliate, Professor John Deutch, the disgraced former CIA director who stole a copy of the CAI `al-Qaeda' data base for FAF `anarcho-syndicalists'

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