Friday, October 26, 2018

Fake Pipe Bomber's records being changed and scrubbed online

I haven't posted any content in quite some time, but this warrants attention.

I was one of the many people skeptical about the honesty regarding the fake bombs being sent to Democrats.

Here are my findings for you to view and pass along to others.

I saw someone post a screenshot on Facebook of his public records on

This screenshot:

When I went to check, the page had been erased.


I even found that the backup, cached version on Google had been scrubbed.


So I did the reasonable thing and checked with the Internet Archives (Wayback Machine), and wouldn't you know, there are 23 snapshots from today.

The oldest shows what the screenshot I first posted shows, that Caesar Sayoc (Alteri) is a registered Democrat.


The next snapshot, shows the records were (today) changed to Republican.


Nice try, Democrats.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Asbestos, Mesothelioma, and Illness from the World Trade Center Collapse

Katherine is a reader who suffers from Mesothelioma. She asked if it were possible to post a link to a helpful resource for those who suffer from the same problem she does, due to their exposure to Asbestos on September 11th. Of course, the answer was yes. Katherine would like the readers of this blog to know that she herself has been fighting this asbestos-related cancer for 9 years, and there is help available. If you are someone who also suffers from similar complications, we would like you to know you are not alone. She has received great help from the doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and the patient advocates at the Mesothelioma Lawyer Center, and hopes you or someone you know will reach out and do the same. 

Katherine says, "Not only did they help me obtain financial compensation which helped with my treatments and quality of life, they genuinely care about my well-being. I am proud to call them my friends and they continue to stand by my side as I fight mesothelioma." 

If you need help or more information, please, visit the following links:

Article submitted by: Katherine Keys

When the towers of the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001, the destruction was enormous. Survivors and rescue workers were on the scene and exposed to the debris that came down with the buildings. The air on that day was full of particulate matter made up of glass fibers, heavy metals, cement dust, and silica.
The air also contained fibers of asbestos, which is a known risk factor for mesothelioma, a devastating and usually fatal type of cancer. Most people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma spent decades exposed to it in a work environment and have filed mesothelioma claims against employers that never warned them of the risks. But a single massive exposure to the mineral can also cause serious respiratory health problems, and many of those survivors and first responders in Manhattan have suffered.
The Toxic Dust from the Tower Collapses Included Asbestos
Asbestos has been known for decades to cause respiratory health problems. It is a natural mineral, fibrous and with properties like being resistant to heat and fire, that have made it an important component in construction, mining, ships, and other industries for hundreds of years. Not all people exposed to asbestos particles will develop mesothelioma, but that exposure is the biggest risk factor for this type of aggressive cancer.
When the World Trade Center collapsed a huge cloud of toxic dust was released into the air. The bulk of that cloud was concrete dust, which contains silica and causes silicosis, a respiratory illness, in those who inhale it. The cloud also contained thousands of other contaminants, including asbestos. Later testing on the debris found that just less than one percent of the dust was made up of asbestos fibers. This may not seem like much, but it is significant and amounts to hundreds of tons of asbestos.
Exposure and Illness
Rescue workers on the day of the attack, as well as those people who survived and remained in the area as the towers collapsed, were put at greatest risk for resulting illnesses from exposure to the toxic dust. Respiratory conditions were seen immediately and for years after. It has been reported that 70 percent of rescue workers on the scene suffered from respiratory symptoms, including what came to be called the World Trade Center cough.
Cancer has also been a concern and studies have found thousands of cases of cancer diagnosed in survivors and rescue workers. Whether the asbestos exposure that occurred on that day will result in cases of mesothelioma still remains to be seen. It is a type of cancer with a long latency period, eleven years or more. Some of the people exposed to the debris and the toxic cloud of dust may just beginning to experience symptoms and may not have yet been diagnosed. Unfortunately because mesothelioma takes so long to show symptoms, it is most often caught late when there is little treatment can do.
The tragic events of that day are overwhelming, but for those who survived the terrorist attack the effects may last for decades after. The asbestos released from the towers has caused harm and damage to first responders and survivors and will likely continue to do so.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bilderberg Documents Removed From 9/11 Disclosure Blog?

Why have the highly controversial Bilderberg documents been removed from To answer that question, I was ordered to remove them.

First, I received two phone calls on July 8th, 2013. The first call was placed at 2:13 pm and the second at 2:18 pm. I then received a third phone call at 9:37 am, on July 11th. I called the number back after having not noticed the missed calls until the last call was missed, and later found this email at 9:41 am, three minutes before I returned the phone call at 9:44 am. Here is the email I received.

------------- Start Email --------------

Thursday July 11, 2013 9:41 am

Subject: Georgetown Legal Matter

Marc, by way of introduction, my name is Paul Greco and I am an attorney representing Georgetown University. My contact information is below. I have repeatedly attempted to reach you by phone using the number you provided to us (571-246-0498) but each time there has been no answer, and no voicemail is available for leaving a voice message. I wish to discuss a legal matter with you regarding your recent activities at Georgetown. Please let me know when it would be convenient for you to talk. Thank you.
Paul Greco
Associate General Counsel
Georgetown University
37th & O Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057
(202) 687-2835 phone
(202) 687-6527 fax

------------ END EMAIL ----------------

The number that called me was from Washington DC, belonging to the Office of General Counsel at Georgetown University, which I confirmed by using Google to reverse search the number. The person on the phone told me that he was an attorney with Georgetown University (Paul Greco), and he said they recently learned that I had published the McGhee documents to this blog site, and that I did not have permission to do so. I informed the caller that when I filled out the paperwork, it asked what the intended purpose was, and I checked the box that said "publication", and also specified that I would be blogging. I was told to get the little piece of paper in each picture that says the document is property of Georgetown, and I was never told not to publish them.

The attorney said that I could meet with John - the head of the Special Collections Reading Room - and perhaps come to an agreement on some terms of publication for the manuscripts, but until then, they must be removed or I would face legal action that he did not want to pursue. I plan to have such a meeting at some point, but until an agreement is reached, I am legally bound to remove the photographs from this blog, as requested. As you may know, many other website and individuals have already posted to their sites and downloaded them to their computers, so they are still available from those outside of my control.

If you would like to encourage Georgetown University to allow the documents to be legally published as part of the historical record and for the betterment of all people, please call them and politely ask that the documents be permitted to be published as they were, free of edits, and giving full credit to Georgetown University Library. You could also let them know of the massive public interest in the documents, and that they would be doing a great service by allowing the documents to become publicly available online at the expense of those who are willing to put forth the effort. 

To contact the Library, you can use one of the following methods:
Phone: 202-687-7444
Fax: 202-687-7501

Staff Listing

NameJob TitlePhoneEmail
John BuchtelDepartment
Lynn ConwayUniversity
Ann GallowayAssistant
Stephanie HughesCommunications and Projects Coordinator, Special
Ted JacksonManuscripts
Katharine MalcolmProject
Lisette MatanoManuscripts
Christen RungeAssistant
Scott TaylorManuscripts
LuLen WalkerArt Collection

Monday, June 17, 2013

Exploring Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer's Connections and Our Conversation

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tony Shaffer, he's certainly not your typical "conspiracy theorist", we know what he is though, he's a self-proclaimed, CIA trained Psychological Operations /Information Operations expert, a job title that includes spreading disinformation as a working skill set. I would like to point out that I was able to have someone I know who works for the Department of Defense check and see if he is who he is claimed to be. They were not able to find any record of him working for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), which is under DOD, but they did confirm that he is in the Army Reserves.

Before continuing with this post, I want you to view the following images, and ask yourself:
1.) "What is his motivation?
2.) "Why is he contacting the alternative media who is attacked by the rest of the mainstream media, and associating himself with them on a regular basis?"
3.) "Why does the MSM not attack him?"
4.) "The story he is telling about Able Danger supports which angle? An inside job where the buildings were brought down by demolitions, or the official government story of 9/11?"

(Click here to see my interactive map that shows the connections surrounding Tony Shaffer, including links to Boeing, whose planes appear to have been illegally modified (converted to drones), electronically hijacked, and flown with precision into the Pentagon and World Trade Center Twin Towers.) 

A small piece of Boeing's criminal history: 
- - In 1989 Boeing pleaded guilty and paid a penalty of more than $5 million in connection with charges that it illegally obtained classified Pentagon planning documents.
- - In 2006, The Boeing Co. agreed to pay $15 million to settle federal allegations that it broke the law by selling commercial airplanes equipped with a small chip that has military applications.
It is among the largest fines a company has ever faced for violations of the Arms Control Export Act, which regulates the sale of defense products to overseas interests. The Chicago-based company also agreed to oversight requirements because settlements over previous violations did not result in full compliance. According to the State Department charges, Boeing shipped 94 commercial jets overseas between 2000 and 2003 that carried the QRS-11 gyrochip embedded in the flight boxes. At the time, the chip, used in the guidance system of the Maverick missile, was on a list of products that required a license for foreign sales. The chip is part of a backup system that maintains an artificial horizon for pilots.
- - In 2006, Doug Bain, Senior VP and General Council of Boeing said"So what's the impact if we get indicted or convicted? Besides the normal fines and that kind of stuff, there's a presumed denial of export licenses, and that would be both on the commercial and the government side. In a moment, I'll give you an idea of why we are concerned about that one. We can get re-suspended or all of IDS (Integrated Defense Systems) can be debarred. We can lose our security clearances. And one nasty little thing is that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which has an almost explicit prohibition on possessing explosives. For those of you who are at BCA [Boeing Commercial Airplanes], you might remember that every single door on an airplane has actuators that are triggered by explosives. So, why do we keep talking about this stuff? The simple answer is, if we're not careful it can happen again."

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook and the Dark Knight Rises

During the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises", we can see a clip where a map of Gotham City is shown. The only text clearly visible on the map says, "Sandy Hook" to the left of the radios.

You can see it more clearly here at this link: Large Gotham City Map

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did Bernadine Dohrn View Sharon Tate's Murder On Film?

Posted by: 9/11 Disclosure Blog
"In the summer of '69 members of Charlie Manson's 'family' stole an NBC-TV truck loaded with film equipment. Later on the truck was dumped and the majority of its contents given away, but Charlie kept one of the cameras. The Family also allegedly owned three Super-8 cameras which they used to produce amateur porn films. Based on this information and an interview with a one-time member of The Family which (rather vaguely) supports this, Ed Sanders speculates in his book The Family, that Charlie and his followers may have filmed their crimes and/or been involved in the production of 'snuff films'. This was the first recorded use of the term snuff.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorado Shooter: James Holmes - Altering Reality - An Alternative Theory

By: 911 Disclosure Blog

COLORADO - On Friday, July 20th 2012, twenty-four year old Aurora resident and San Diego native, James (Jim) Eagan Holmes, was arrested beside his white Hyundai Tiburon, surrounded by trails of blood, and held without bond for the mass murder and shooting of a large number of people at the AMC Century 16 Multiplex in Aurora, Colorado during a showing of the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises". There were 12 victims killed and as many as 59 wounded in the brazen attack on movie goers. 
  James was currently attending college at the University of Colorado, where on June 7th, he failed an important oral exam and purchased a rifle only hours later. Three days later, he withdrew from pursuing his PhD in Neuroscience without explanation. Holmes had received a $171,024 training grant from the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md., with $21,600 paid out in 12 monthly installments, including $26,000 for "personal expenses". 
  This is where things get interesting though.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hidden: Satanic Symbolism


The above pictures are of inverted (upside down) stars, or pentagrams rather. This symbol was adopted by the Church of Satan, though it dates back quite some time in its’ use by occultists. It is extremely common among Satanists and other variations of practicing occultists. It has great significance to many of them, but we won't go into the details here. As you can see above, the street layout by the White House in Washington DC was designed as an inverted Pentagram. 
Another picture I want to point out to you is of the pope. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Jeffrey Epstein's Connections - Interactive Map

Jeffrey Epstein, who I've posted about previously, caught my attention in a way that only a few people tend to do. He is a billionaire who was taken to court in Palm Beach, Florida, actually got convicted and is registered as a sex offender. Not surprisingly, he escaped other Federal charges and has continued to break the law ever since. He violated his probation 11 times without consequence, and has refused to pay 2 million dollars he is contractually obligated to pay, under court order.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vodafone - Voice Data Phone? An Alternative Interpretation

Officially, Vodafone represents the phrase "Voice Data Phone", and the history on what appears to be a number six is provided as follows:
"In 1997, Vodafone introduced its Speechmark logo, composed of a quotation mark in a circle, with the O's in the Vodafone logotype representing opening and closing quotation marks and suggesting conversation."
But I ask, could there be a hidden or alternative meaning? Consider the symbolism used by Vodafone and the number of "the beast" from Revelation 13 in the Bible. Typically, the beast is seen as representing a negative character, and the number 666 represents evil.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jeffrey Epstein & Bill Clinton - Pedophilia and Prostitutes

Have you ever heard of a gun named Jeffrey Epstein? If not, it should be no surprise, he doesn't like to be known by the average person. What I am aiming to show here is the connection between a billionaire who is a known pedophile and solicitor of prostitution, and a lot of "household" names, meaning, people whose names you will recognize from politics to entertainment to royalty.
"I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy, he's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it -- Jeffrey enjoys his social life." - Donald Trump

So, who is Jeffrey Epstein?


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The connection: Kristine Marcy - SBA (8)a - OPM - SES - SOS - HSBC - FCI

Written by: 
David Hawkins
Vancouver, BC

Kristine Marcy, the Small Business Administration 8(a) and SOS Children's Villages are joined at the hip through HSBC; a preferred lender to the one and the preferred sponsor of the other.

She is joined at the hip to the charter members of the SES because they all had to be cleared for that position in 1979 by the Office of Personnel Management where she was Assistant Director.

She is joined at the hip to Femme Comp Inc. because it was created as a woman-owned company with loans organized through the Office of Economic Opportunity (founded 1965 --- Donald Rumsfeld 1969-1971 --- Frank C. Carlucci 1971-1972) and the SBA 8(a) (founded 1953).

The loans to Femme Comp had to be cleared by SES members who had to be cleared for that position by Office of Personnel Management (launched 1979) where Marcy was Deputy Director.

Note that Marcy was COO of the SBA on 9/11 - there was no Administrator after Aida Alvarez left - and therefore the custodian of an 8(a) loan portfolio of roughly 219,000 loans worth more than $84 billion making it the largest single financial backer of businesses in the United States and her the most powerful person in the United States.

Marcy also had in her position, the Continuity of Government Protocols stolen from Ron Brown's office the day after he was whacked; presumably by an 8(a) SWAT team directed by Ira Socowitz, Robert Hanssen and Ms. Wilcox - the off-book beneficiary of the HSBC loan syndicate (operating with D2 Banking out of offices pictured below) on 9/11.

Photo of: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf
Femme Comp Inc.
"FCI is a customer-focused organization. Our business is focused on providing innovative and high quality SETA (System Engineering and Technical Assistance) services and solutions to DoD and other Federal Government clients. We strive to meet and consistently exceed our client's goals.
One of FCI's greatest strengths is its commitment to Ethical Business and Engineering Practices. As SETA Support Contractors to the DoD and other Federal Agencies, FCI Personnel are often asked to act on behalf of the Government or to represent the Government in some capacity. This position, ultimately, represents the highest form of trust that a client can bestow upon a SETA contractor. FCI works to earn this trust."

Spoliation of Evidence at the 9/11 Crime Scenes

Virginia, USA and Vancouver, BC

"In law, spoliation of evidence is the intentional or negligent withholding, hiding, altering, or destroying of evidence relevant to a legal proceeding. The spoliation inference is a negative evidentiary inference that a finder of fact can draw from a party's destruction of a document or thing that is relevant to an ongoing or reasonably foreseeable civil or criminal proceeding. 

The theory of the spoliation inference is that when a party destroys evidence, it may be reasonable to infer that the party had "consciousness of guilt" or other motivation to avoid the evidence. Therefore, the fact finder may conclude that the evidence would have been unfavorable to the spoliator."


Spoliation of evidence is a prosecutable crime, and it entitles us as an onlooking jury to an "inference of guilt" in regards to the person who altered the evidence. In the case of 9/11, members of the Senior Executive Service, the custodians of the Small Business Administration 8(a) loan portfolio, are presumed guilty of the crimes of murder for hire, and the transmission of encrypted ignition signals to incendiary bombs, used to vaporize evidence witnessed by inter alia (Meaning: Among others.) 343 dead New York Firefighters.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What do OKC, WACO, Columbine and more have in common?

First, a quote from history to set the stage.

"For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." - Ephesians 6:12

If you consider yourself a New World Order researcher, then by now you may have had to come to grips with a lot of information that is, well, unconventional in the 21st century. One of those things is the fact that the world is not only run by a large network of shadowy elites and their friends, but they all seem to share something in common with each other, OCCULTISM (Satanism).

In Satanism, (I use that term generally.) there are particular days or periods of time that are considered holidays. The one I will be focusing on for this article is the time spanning April 19th through May 1st.  For those who are new to this area of study, I recommend taking a look at the information I have put together on the symbolism used by the people who follow this way of thinking.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Illumination Entertainment - Parented by Rex - Illuminati, Hidden in Plain Sight

 The other night, I was watching a new animated movie called, "Despicable Me". The movie was made by "Illumination Entertainment". This one caught my attention for this reason, here is the beginning of the movie and what I first saw.

After a second, I had to turn it back to that opening scene again, because I noticed that something caught my eye. I noticed the little guy in the beginning (Who later you find is a "minion".) had just one eye. Also, interestingly enough, if you get rid of two letters "on", you have, Illuminati Entertainment. I thought that was interesting, considering the guy with one eye, and the name of the movie, "Despicable Me". I also noticed throughout the movie, there was a lot of other Illuminati related symbolism (That I won't be covering here). So, I went to the internet to investigate, and here's what I've found so far.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Witnesses at Pentagon on 9/11 Report Smelling Cordite, But Why?

After the September 11th attacks, hundreds of eyewitnesses told their stories. The stories varied, some contradicted, and overall they raised a lot of questions. One of the questions that was raised was why eyewitnesses reported smelling "cordite" or "gun smoke". Speculation has been floating around (Possibly based on the following quote.) that perhaps the smell of cordite means that secondary explosives had been set off at the Pentagon. This theory is a valid one, but my intention is to show that that idea is unlikely and even has a much more likely and reasonable explanation.

"Even before stepping outside I could smell the cordite. Then I knew explosives had been set off somewhere."Don Perkal

"We saw a huge black cloud of smoke, she said, saying it smelled like cordite, or gun smoke." - Gilah Goldsmith

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Senior Executive Service and the Secret Government

Senior Executive Service Flag

Unknown to many of us "little people" (According to the former CEO of BP, Tony Hayward.) in the world, there is a very large network of seemingly professional individuals that appear to be able to effectively control the United States government from behind-the-scenes, some people can even point out the control of this network over affairs globally. So many of us have heard people say there is a "secret government" before, but do we really think that we've heard everything and have we convinced ourselves that we have our fingers pointed at the correct groups that make it all happen in this "New World Order" we're told we live in now?

It seems that a lot of people have given the seemingly prestigious title of being a "Secret" or "Shadow Government" to groups such as FEMA (DHS) or round-table groups like the Bilderberg group, but when we take a step back to look at it, we're still missing something. A powerful network like this, or a big conspiracy like 9/11 does need a lot of people in key power positions, across the whole span of the US government, with high-level security clearances and plenty of decision making power with oversight capabilities in order to really make things happen in this day and age. But do we have it all figured out?

The same "Reorganization Plan" that brought you FEMA in 1979, also brought you the Office of Personnel Management in 1979, and under that office is the group I am referring to, it's known as the Senior Executive Service, and without it, some of us believe that the September 11th attacks may have never happened the way that they did.

For those without much time to read, here is a brief overview of what the Senior Executive Service is on the surface.

Office of Personnel Management Logo

Overview of the Senior Executive Service

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knight of Malta, Opus Dei, Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts


If You liked What Earl Warren Did
You’ll Love What John G. Roberts is Programmed to Do

A critical biography

Peas of a Pod

The people controlling Roberts are those who are destroying the United States, and are installing Orwellian operatives dedicated to a New World Order.

By G. Richard Arnold

In this year of 2005 … the only politicos who aren’t aware of the poisonous purpose and crimes committed by Council on Foreign Relations operatives (CFR) are the puppets whose strings they pull within their managed mass media. And academ-idiots who are taught to teach and preach the gospel of globalism in the public schools … where never a question is raised nor an independent thought is given a mark of excellence. Even amongst of the multitude of morons who remain under the control of the media’s mind manipulation … some will awake to what’s going on behind the closed doors of deception. They are beginning to see the big picture. But most will only see mere degrees of culpability in the CFR’s design to dissolve our country and create a New World Order. "The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which … believes national boundaries should b obliterated and one-world rule established." Senator Barry Goldwater in his book With No Apologies.

Many CFR members have great personalities and say things with which many good folk would agree. A CFR Republican is better than a CFR Democrat. A Skull & Bones Bush is better than a Skull & Bones Kerry. Or visa versa … so naive people think. Skull & Bones (S&B) membership and influence was virtually unknown until a cache of their secret papers were released by undercover work documented in Dr. Anthony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment. There is no space in this article to build a foundation for your understanding of the Hegelian techniques used by this one hundred and sixty year old power grabbing elite. They are designing and implementing a New World Order to be imposed over the ashes of our Constitutional Republic. For over a hundred years ago Skull & Bones was accurately referred to the Brotherhood of Death.

Agents of this evilarchy have gravitated to the Department of War, and Intelligence agencies which equips them with funds and excuses for covert activity. They use the positions to promote themselves and those people who are obligated to them. Now the judicial branch is being put thoroughly under the control of the conspirators. Three people on the Supreme Court are members of the Council on Foreign Relations … Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sandra Day O’Connor and Steven G. Breyer most of the others were appointed by CFR presidents. You may get a sense of how they work by reading the article "All in the Family" at The following information will make sense to those grounded with the above "facts of life" concerning American politics and power. Part or all of the information may be used by giving credit to

Skull & Bones is a branch of a secret mechanism organized in New Haven Connecticut in 1832. This cult uses human remains in their rituals and have been instrumental in war making and death since it’s founder Alphonso Taft secured his position in the war department. Skull & Bones first real exposure was documented by Dr. Anthony Sutton in hisAmerica’s Secret Establishment whom the author of this article was renting at the time. Sutton received a batch of secret papers. Sometimes the cultists are referred to as theBrotherhood of Death. Its membership is small, powerful and deadly. But it has become vulnerable because of exposure and has stepped up its agenda putting them in a precarious position as they rush their plans for a New World Order.

The Men Behind John Roberts Devoted the Whole of Their Lives for the NWO

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Warren Buffet + Henry Kissinger + AIG { Mitre Corporation} = 911

The International Institute of Nonviolence
By: Rev. Jermano
Things appear to be adding up.  Did you know Warren Buffet guarantees that the US will suffer from a Nuclear Attack?
Nuclear Attack a  virtual  certainty- "Investment guru Warren Buffett offered a bleak prediction for the nation's national security, saying a terrorist attack on American soil is "virtually a certainty." Envy and dislike of the United States have fueled rage against the country even as the ability to build a nuclear device has spread, Buffett said Sunday at the final day of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s annual meeting."
This brings to mind why would he say such a thing?
So where was Warren Buffett the morning of 9/11 and what was he doing? 
Mr. Buffett was reportedly at his home in Omaha, Nebraska watching TV when he heard about the terrorist attacks.  He was getting ready to host his "last annual golf charity event" which just happened to be at the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters located at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha.  Offutt AFB is, coincidentally, where President G. W. Bush flew to on Air Force One later in the day for "safety".   This early golf charity event hosted by Mr. Buffett  was to include celebrities, professional athletes, and a small group of business leaders in which one of these business leaders became a very lucky person. 
This very lucky person was Ann Tatlock, the CEO of Fiduciary Trust Co. International.  Now what made Mrs. Tatlock such a lucky person for being invited to this charity event that morning?  Mrs. Tatlock not only works in the World Trade Center, but her offices were right where Flight 175 crashed into the WTC 2.
In March of 2002 financial speculator Warren Buffett predicted that the use of nuclear weapons by terrorists was '"inevitable."'
President George W. Bush went to Offutt AFB later in the 9/11/01 day. President GWB left Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, Louisiana at 1:48 Central Daylight Time, arriving at Offutt AFB in the next hour.
Fiduciary Trust is yet another investment-banking firm. Like J.P. Morgan and Lazard Freres before it, Fiduciary Trust wants to serve big money or an exclusive elite. It's "for institutions and wealthy clients." Five months prior to 9/11/01, Fiduciary Trust was bought by Franklin Resources of San Mateo, California for $825 million.
Fiduciary Trust employed 645 people on five floors on or above the 90th in the WTC's South Tower. 87 of those employees were killed due to the "'9/11'" destruction.
Fiduciary Trust's Chairman and CEO, Anne Tatlock, 62, was gone from her headquarters on "'9/11.'"

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Crown Agents: Agents of War and Greed


(from leaflet prepared for Mayday 2003)

THERE is more than one kind of looter operating in Iraq at the moment.

We've all heard about desperate, impoverished masses grabbing whatever they can for themselves and their families under cover of the chaos and destruction caused by the illegal US/UK invasion. But you won't have heard so much about a very well established and well connected British organisation which is basically helping big greedy multinational companies to cash in on the riches of a country that has now been forcibly 'opened up' to western business interests. The firm is called Crown Agents and its London office is at 150 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria. It also has a big office in Sutton and an International Management Training Centre in Worthing.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

ADT, Verint and Honeywell: Members of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals


Three of the companies allegedly involved in security aspects of the 9/11 attacks and London 7/7 bombings are as it turns out, part of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals in the City of London livery companies. The pieces are coming together.

The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals
6 Kings Mews
High Road
United Kingdom (UK)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snuff Films: Legend or Legacy?

As research into organized criminal networks by Abel Danger agents worldwide continues, snuff films and photography are a recurring theme. What you will also notice while researching the use of snuff films is that there seems to be this ridiculous notion that distributing or even making snuff films is "urban legend". This article, downplays the existence of snuff films, as does the Wikipedia entry about them.

I can recall when I was in elementary school, and this kid down the block used to have these videos that you could rent at the local video store called "Faces of Death", it's still available online to purchase in HD at that link. What they did was they showed video compilations of real murders, suicides, accidents, torture and more. They claim that some of the scenes were faked in order to make the video better and I think that could be the case, in some of the videos.

Regardless of denial, snuff films are no urban legend, they are real. The question is, how popular is it? Who do you know who is connected to a snuff film network? In the past, a lot of people have been known to start with softcore pornography, moving into more hardcore pornography, which takes some people into more unusual areas like BDSM, or even weirder things. From there, some people may even let their curiosity take them into other areas like child pornography, and take their obsessions with things they think are wrong and convert them into real life actions. Let's take the recently arrested Canadian Colonel Russell Williams for example, you can read about him here if you don't know his story about murdering on film and wearing underage girls panties.

So let's consider this question. How difficult would it be for someone to produce what appear to be fictional movies or TV shows, using real evidence of a murder in order to conceal their crimes? I'm thinking that in today's world, it wouldn't be too terribly difficult, considering how realistic the productions are.

Ex-UK, KPMG board member to become BP's audit committee chairman

Source: Bloomberg

BP Plc named Frank L. “Skip” Bowman and Brendan Nelson non-executive directors to the board as the company tries to restore its reputation following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Bowman rose to the rank of Admiral in a 38-year U.S. Navy career in which he specialized in nuclear reactors. He was a member of the panel that reviewed safety at BP refineries after the deadly 2005 Texas City blast.

Nelson served on the U.K. board of KPMG and was vice chairman when he retired this year. He will become chairman of BP’s audit committee when Douglas Flint retires following the 2011 annual general meeting.

Bowman “has had a career where safety was central to all that he did,” BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg said in a statement in London. “We will clearly benefit from his long safety experience and from his knowledge of BP. Brendan brings vast financial and auditing experience.”

Nelson is a non-executive director at Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, where he also is chairman of the audit committee.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bernadine Dohrn says she is worried about the Tea Party

Source: WorldNetDaily

Oh, the irony! Look who's calling you terrorist!

Former Weather Underground leader worries about 'armed' tea parties

Posted: November 06, 2010
10:25 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
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Bernardine Dohrn
A former leader of a '70s protest group responsible for bombing the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, police stations and other targets is worried that "racist, armed, hostile, crazy-making" tea parties pose an "unspeakable" threat to America.
Bernardine Dohrn, who with her husband William Ayers were leaders of the communist revolutionary Weather Underground, had been tied to so many acts of protest violence in the '70s that she was placed on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List and was described by J. Edgar Hoover as the "mostdangerous woman in America."
Her association with Barack Obama notably led to Sarah Palin's famous comment during the 2008 presidential campaign that Obama had been "palling around with terrorists."
Dohrn, however, told an Indian news and views website that she's concerned about a new breed of protesters, the tea partiers, whom she describes as "a hard right emerging, an armed, new hard right with massive control of media."