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Boeing violates False Claims Act in Global Guardian 9/11

Request US Attorney help to convert "HawksCAFE v. Global
Guardians" in to Qui Tam suit for U.S. re Boeing Company
false claims during 'decoy-and-drone' maneuvers of 9/11 war game.
From:  Field McConnell
          9223 50th Ave S
          Glyndon MN 56547

To:      Drew Wrigley, US Attorney, North Dakota
           655 1st Ave N, Suite 250
           Fargo ND 58102

                                                                         2 October, 2007

       Dear Attorney Wrigley;

I, Field McConnell, request your assistance in converting "HawksCAFE v.
Global Guardians" into a Qui Tam suit for benefit of United States of
By 12-10-06 I had completed an analysis of the multiple and ongoing violations of the False Claims Act in respect of The Boeing Company's participation in the 'decoy-and-drone' maneuvers executed by Boeing passenger aircraft during the Amalgam Virgo (June 1-2) and Global Guardian (9/11) war games of 2001.

By 2001, John Shalikashvili and his fellow Boeing directors and their partners, including French companies Total and Thales and the Chinese People's Liberation Army, had modified and weaponized over 120 Boeing passenger planes and flight boxes with the QRS11 triaxial missile gyrcoscope.

By 2001, whether during a war game or a regular commuter flight, a modified Boeing plane could be electronically hijacked and flown as though it had been physically hijacked.

On 9/11, Boeing directors and customers and corrupt union officials in the FAA, falsely claimed to the United States that a number of planes had been physically hijacked.

On 9/11, the United States' defenders and/or interceptors responded to the decoy claims but were misdirected by the Boeing and FAA air traffic controllers away from what were about to become 'droned' aircraft.

At about 3 minutes out of target, modified planes were switched to drone mode and flew under the control of the QRS11 missile gyroscopes into a number of US command centers, killing nearly 3,000 targeted victims.

"July 11, 2007 ... Ex-Boeing employee charged with theft of data By 
DAN RICHMAN P-I REPORTER .. According to charging documents, Gerald Eastman, 45, a former quality-assurance inspector working in Tukwila, took more than 320,000 pages of confidential Boeing documents, storing them on his home computer. The information allegedly was taken during 12 periods, some as short as one day, between Sept. 24, 2004, and April 9, 2006 .. Of the charges against him, Eastman said, "I'm a whistleblower. I was trying to get crimes at Boeing, and the people at the FAA facilitating those crimes, brought to justice .. The case summary said articles using information credited to "internal Boeing documents" began appearing in The Seattle Times in 2003. Eastman's alleged activities became known when an anonymous e-mail was sent April 12, 2006, to Rick Stephens, Boeing's senior vice president for human resources .... they also accused him of leaking documents resulting in Gates' stories about the QRS-11, a gyro microchip that was the basis for fines levied against Boeing for unlicensed foreign sales of commercial airplanes with equipment that had military applications .. Eastman's Web site, details his attempts to "reform ... endemic and continuing Boeing and FAA corruption."
 On 12-10-06 I sent a written alert to an airline company, ALPA
[air line pilots association ], ADM Tim Keating of Northern Command
and others identifying a deployed threat on Boeing aircraft that
was extremely urgent.

12-10-06 The airline company told me to retract my written statement, ALPA told me this was above their level and ADM Keating never responded

1-1-07  Adam Air 574 is vaporized consistent with warning.

1-18-07 The airline company advises me of a non-routine physical
            to be administered by an MD unqualified to examine pilots.

1-31-07  I brief ALPA Attorney Rob Plunkett and "xyz airline" ALPA
           safety representative "John Doe" on Boeing threats.

1-31-07  I pass non routine physical from doctor not qualified to determine my suitability for flying duties

2-13-07  I pass same information on to Robert Swan Mueller, Director of FBI and Boeing CEO McNerney.

2-27-07  Having heard nothing at all from Boeing or FBI I file lawsuit
             "McConnell v. ALPA and Boeing" in US District Court, ND
3-5-07   In a front page article in the Fargo Forum ALPA's senior lawyer
              senior engineer both say "'s an insane complaint sound like
              he's [ Field McConnell ] a troubled guy".

3-13-07  In a front page article in the Fargo Forum "both Boeing and ALPA
              deny any safety issues with the planes".

3-13-07  In a Fed Ex letter with electronic tracking "xyz airlines" advises
             me that due to my failure to appear for a psychiatric exam with
             Dr. Elliott in Los Angeles on 1,2 March 07 I was removed from
            pay status 2 March, 2007.  Unfortunately for the airline, they had
             never advised me of the appointment.  Therefore, the airline is
            guilty of several infractions including "constructive discharge".

3-14-07  I retired from "xyz airline" as numerous credible pilots and attorneys from United, Continental  and Northwest Airlines pointed out that I was being discredited to prevent my expert witness in court.

4-4-07   I pass a routine FAA 1st Class Medical exam by AME Dr. David Glatt, MD

5-1-07    After much more information comes to myself and HawksCAFE, I filed "HawksCAFE v. Global Guardians" on 1 May, 2007.

5-31-07  An Indian Airline solicits my services to captain widebody AirBus 330, 340, or 380 jets between US and India based on 23,000 hours of safety, AirBus captain experience and widebody captain experience. The required documents are sent to India to qualify for duty there.

9-13-07  I pass a 3rd physical, again with AME qualified Dr. David Glatt.

9-22-07  I complete training with a successful check ride and am granted a type rating on A330 which will enhance chance of flying job in India.

10-2-07   I extend offer to US DOJ, with copies to DHS and FBI and "the world" via internet posting, to appear as a witness for the US if USDOJ wishes to convert MayDay filing into a Qui Tam False Claim case for benefit of USA.

10-15-07  DVD is released demonstrating truth of how 9-11 was planned as a "live mass snuff film"; to quote Dr. Thomas Barnett former director of the US Naval War College.
Please refer to supporting whistleblowers below.

Sincerely yours,

Captain Field McConnell
218 329 2993

Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 05:26:43 -0700
From: ygmichaels@...
Subject: Boeing Whistleblowers
To: avalonbeef@...; hawks-cafe@...;


Boeing Parts and Rules Bent, Whistle-Blowers Say

By Florence Graves and Sara Kehaulani Goo
Special to The Washington Post, Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 17, 2006; Page A01
Jeannine Prewitt knew there was a problem when the holes wouldn't line up.
On a Boeing Co. assembly line in Kansas in 2000, Prewitt saw workers drilling extra holes in the long aluminum ribs that make up the skeleton of a jetliner's fuselage. That was the only way the workers could attach the pieces, because some of their pre-drilled holes didn't match those on the airframe.
For nearly 40 years, Boeing 737 airframes have been built in Wichita. In 2005, Boeing sold the plant to a Canadian company, which does that work under
For nearly 40 years, Boeing 737 airframes have been built in Wichita. In 2005, Boeing sold the plant to a Canadian company, which does that work under contract. (By Dave Williams -- The Wichita Eagle)

Monday, April 17, at 11 a.m. ET

Blowing the Whistle on Boeing
Reporter Sara Kehaulani Goo and Florence Graves, director of the Brandeis University Institute for Investigative Journalism, will be online to discuss alleged problems in aircraft manufacturing reported by three whistleblowers.


Basic Airframe Of a Passenger JetBasic Airframe Of a Passenger Jet
The body of Boeing's 737 jetliner is fabricated in sections at a Wichita factory. Whistle-blowers say ill-fitting parts were installed on fuselages, which later were shipped to Renton, Wash., where the planes were assembled. talk

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Prewitt was a parts buyer, the third generation of her family to work at the sprawling Boeing factory on the outskirts of Wichita. She believed that pieces going into one of the world's most advanced and popular airliners, the Boeing 737, should fit like a glove.
The assembly workers Prewitt observed were not the only ones who noted problems with parts from a key Boeing supplier, AHF Ducommun of Los Angeles. Other workers told her that many pieces had to be shoved or hammered into place. And documents reviewed by The Washington Post show that quality managers reported numerous problems at Ducommun in memos recorded in Boeing's system for monitoring its suppliers.
Whether questionable parts ended up in hundreds of Boeing 737s is the subject of a bitter dispute between the aerospace company and Prewitt and two other whistle-blowers. The two sides also have enormously different views on what that could mean for the safety of the jets.
The whistle-blower lawsuit is in U.S. District Court in Wichita. No matter how it is resolved, it has exposed gaps in the way government regulators investigated the alleged problems in aircraft manufacturing, according to documents and interviews.
Boeing said that the lawsuit is without merit and that there is no safety issue. Even if faulty parts landed on the assembly line, the company said, none could have slipped through Boeing's controls and gotten into the jetliners. The whistle-blowers "are not intimately familiar with Boeing's quality management system," said Cindy Wall, a company spokeswoman. "Our planes are safe."
The three whistle-blowers, however, contend that Boeing officials knew from their own audits about thousands of parts that did not meet specifications, allowed them to be installed and retaliated against people who raised questions. They say the parts, manufactured from 1994 to 2002, fit the Federal Aviation Administration's definition of "unapproved" because they lack documentation proving that they are airworthy. Moreover, they say, forcing a part into place could shorten its lifespan.
Under the U.S. False Claims Act, plaintiffs who prove the government was defrauded -- more than two dozen jets went to the U.S. military -- could receive monetary damages along with the government.
After the whistle-blowers notified federal authorities in 2002, the FAA and the Pentagon looked into their charges. Each said its investigation cleared the airplane parts and found no reports of problems from military or civilian operators of Boeing jets. The Department of Transportation's inspector general also dismissed the charges.
The Post's review, however, found that the FAA did not assess many of the whistle-blowers' key allegations. FAA inspectors examined only a small number of parts in the plants and did not visit any airplanes to inspect the roughly 200 types of parts questioned by the whistle-blowers.
The Pentagon and Transportation Department, in turn, relied on the FAA's work, documents show.
Boeing Whistleblowers Say Planes Must Be Grounded
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