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Carlyle plans Tet attack on Brits in Basra; then...

Synopsis: Belief Strong, Desmarais and CAI-Carlyle Canada private equity group have hired AMEC 'subcontractors' for Tet
attack on British troops in Basra and then U.S. towns and cities.
Open e-mail messages sent August 11, 2007 to:
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, pm@...
U.K. Prime Minister, Gordon Brown through link below
US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, vice_president@...

Captain Field McConnell, Augustus Dunning and David Hawkins
Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE
Copies to file:
Civil Case 3:07-cv-24  "McConnell v. Boeing and ALPA"
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians" 
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102
Copies for reference:
U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, Department of Justice AskDOJ@...
Representative Duncan Hunter, 52nd District of California 
Michael Badnarik, Host 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty', We The People Radio Network, 

Dear Prime Ministers Harper and Brown and Vice President Cheney
Re: Carlyle plans Tet attack on Brits in Basra; then...
Hawks CAFE believes Maurice Strong, Paul Desmarais and the CAI-Carlyle Canada private equity group have hired AMEC 'subcontractors' for a Tet-style attack first on British troops in Basra, Iraq, and then the national guards in various U.S. towns and cities.

"[1968] The Tet offensive was a country-wide coordinated surprise attack by the NVA and VC on more than 100 towns and cities, including 36 provincial capitals and Saigon. The attack, at the time, was the largest battle of the war. The Viet Cong (VC) and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) struck nearly simultaneously, during the most sacred Vietnamese holiday while many 
Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) troops were on leave. Initially the attacks took the South Vietnamese and Americans by surprise, but they were beaten back by the ARVN and the Americans, inflicting massive casualties on the Viet Cong. The offensive included attacks on the city of Hue, where intense fighting lasted a month, at the U.S. base at Khe Sanh, where fighting continued for 2 months, and the raid on the U.S Embassy in Saigon, which was repulsed within a few hours. It is widely seen as a turning point in the war, but although it was a military defeat for the Communists, media reports were misleading in America, where televised war footage showed the Americans retreating through the grounds of the US embassy in Saigon making for a profound psychological impact on the US public."

"[2007] Washington-based Brookings Institution, dismissed last week British presence in southern Iraq as "meaningless" .. battle group holed up in Basra airport .. It's the wild, wild west. Basra is out of control." .. 300-mile stretch of Route Tampa that runs from Baghdad to Kuwait was a crucial lifeline for US military operations. "It's the umbilical cord that connects the war in Iraq to the rest of the world," he said. "It will have to be secured." About 2,000 trucks a day travel down the highway in high-security convoys, carrying more than 90 per cent of the food, water, ammunition and equipment for the 161,000-strong US force. The route remains a key target for insurgents and just last week two British soldiers were killed on it while providing security for a convoy."

"[2004] AMEC .. won a major contract in Iraq .. Sir Peter Mason, AMEC's chief executive. ".. we and Fluor are already on the ground with around 2,000 people near Baghdad .. The contract, to provide engineering services for restoration, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of power generation facilities across Iraq .. mobilisation of further 80 Fluor AMEC personnel, many more Iraqi subcontractors .. bids outstanding for six further contracts restoring power, water, transportation and justice infrastructure"
"[2001] Within days of the 9/11 attacks, the city divided debris removal work around Ground Zero .. to .. AMEC Construction, Bovis Lend Lease, Tully Construction and Turner Construction .. hiring four anti-corruption monitors to ferret out fraud .. mob and corrupt contractors raided 9/11 money pot. AMEC CONSTRUCTION showed up .. subsidiary already ensnared in government corruption probes in Missouri and California .. AMEC's No. 1 guy on the ground Vice President Leo DiRubbo .. responsibility on behalf of the Luchese crime family "to ensure labor peace between organized crime and contractors"
Our coalition forces in Iraq and the lives of thousands of US citizens and national guards are now at imminent risk because treasonous or incompetent leaders privatized American and Anglosphere counter intelligence services to AMEC, Carlyle and La Francophonie.
Call us if you want to know how to prevent a massacre greater by far than Tet and 9/11.
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot,
23,000 hours of safety
Augustus Dunning augustus_dunning@...

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 hawks-cafe@...

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