Monday, March 8, 2010

EgyptAir 990, TWA 800, Korean 007, Indonesian 574 sabotaged?

Synopsis: McConnell asks if Boeing passenger jets - EgyptAir 990, TWA 800, Korean 007, Indonesian 574, sabotaged in dead peasant life insurance fraud

From: Field McConnell
To: David Hawkins

Open email of 2 January, 2007


The trail of evidence is getting rather robust. I have today shared information with ALPA and have solicited a response from American Air Lines and their union, APA.

I believe ALPA and APA should be given the opportunity to bring this legal case in the court of their choosing but if they do not wish to pursue this than I am preparing to cause a "Runaway Grand Jury" to be empaneled.

I have numerous legal contacts in Fargo including a highly placed federal judge, an honest District Court judge, and two military Judge Advocate Generals.

Further, I will be sharing this with Judge Roy Moore, perhaps the most honest Judge in America.

He, as you may recall, was forcibly removed from the Supreme Court down south when he refused to remove the 10 Commandments from his court chambers.

He operates a business called Moral Law and I think his opinions would be motivated by legal knowledge, constitutional slavery, and a God-given sense of integrity.

I will attempt to discover if a Runaway Grand Jury can be empaneled in Fargo as this area is not the corrupt cesspool that spans the entire East Coast.

I, today, have received information that casts doubts on an honest and fair trial in Minneapolis.

I do have personal experience with "Fraud upon the Court" but believe the fraud related to 9-11 is punishable under RICO statutes as it involved sinister acts crossing state lines as pilots were collateralized for huge financial rewards through what I would consider "dead peasant insurance
policies", perhaps in favor of Soros, Rodham-Clinton, and others.

My legal understanding is not great but I believe if RICO is involved in a civil matter than treble damages may be awarded.

I have several questions. I notice that often the unexplained crashes of airliners tend to be Boeing aircraft that are lost over terrain or water that makes the gathering of evidence most difficult.

Some examples are Egypt Air 990, TWA 800, Korean 007 and recently Idonesian 574.

Having spent the bulk of my career in Douglas and AirBus equipment I am not aware of why Boeing aircraft should be having more incidents than Douglas and AirBus but I recall that the DOJ dropped an investigation of Boeing for illegal modifications of Boeing jets outside of the US.

Further, I have come to learn that some explosives may be installed on Boeing jets contrary to BATFE regulations.

I have contacted two peers on Boeing aircraft and have asked my peers if they are aware of explosives in the main cabin doors of Boeing models from the 737 to the 787. I have asked the same questions of ALPA and APA. To this moment I have not found a
single entity that is aware of the presence of explosives in the doors. However, I will report back latter on any responses.

As a forensic economist do you consider it possible that some party or parties could be making a financial killing by causing Boeing aircraft to be lost?

If money is their goal and 9-11 was profitable, I cringe to think what their lust for cash could mean for me and my fellow pilots of airliners world wide.

I appreciate any response you may feel compelled to provide.


Field McConnell

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