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GPS assassins hit Queen of the North, Flt. 93, USS Cole?

Excerpt: ".. track .. hackers .. backdoor 'secure' GPS on BC Ferries' Queen of the North, UAL Flight 93 .. USS Cole .. front door into a 'GPS assassination network of virtual war rooms'
To: Hawks CAFE yahoo group
Sent Monday, October 16, 2006
GPS assassins hit Queen of the North, Flt. 93, USS Cole?
When I track the relatively few hackers and companies capable of backdooring 'secure' global positioning systems ('GPS') on BC Ferries' Queen of the North, UAL Flight 93 or the USS Cole, I arrive at a front door opening into a 'GPS assassination network of virtual war rooms', apparently operated by Carlyle Canada for its private-equity clients.
When I track UN Oil-for-Food money through the backdoor of Carlyle Canada's private equity clients, I arrive at the front door of the bin Laden and Saddam Hussein households who have been investing discreetly with Carlyle-affiliated Pargesa bank in Geneva since 1988.
The way the Queen of the North ran full speed into rocks and killed two passengers (below), suggests someone had embedded a GyroChip missile gyroscope or the equivalent in the ship's autopilot and set up MindBox software for an event-arbitrage fraud to extort repayment of a racketeering mortgage and pay off the assassins online.
In a hypothetical GPS assassination, MindBox would adjust the terms of an insured mortgage on a ship steered onto rocks (QoN), a plane flown by novice pilots (Flight 93) or a frigate tracked by saboteurs (USS Cole) while simultaneously buying life insurance cover on prospective victims to distribute kickbacks after a confirmed death to online assassination teams of decentralized individuals, thousands of miles away from the scene of their crime.
I coined 'Clickbacks' to describe MindBox online payments which flow through Internet servers from cascade life insurance for collective kickbacks and simultaneously reward in-house assassins for their 'hits' while entrapping associates, union bosses and/or managers who unwittingly receive a share of blood money in their pension funds!
In an exquisitely-refined racketeering and entrapment maneuver, Carlyle Canada's private equity groups appear to have pumped Clickback dollars into the $76 billion bcIMC pension fund which invests retirement benefits for the B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers' Union in GPS and virtual war room networks from MDA and Nortel!
Note that the BC ferry union's now-terrified members who crewed the Queen of the North on March 22, 2006, just missed being Clickbacked!
Research into the always-unaudited changes in bcIMC's investment inventory from January 2000, shows that by 2006 when the Queen of the North was sunk, Carlyle Canada and CAI private equity groups had extorted control of all the C4ISR and GPS technologies from Nortel, Boeing and Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates, that they would have needed to sabotage the ship, murder the passengers and pay assassins in untraceable Clickback dollars, laundered through government-owned networks.
I have been warned to keep my letters to the Hawks CAFE [Citizens Association of Forensic Economists] yahoo group short and sweet.
I therefore invite members to do some tracking of their own....
Try following some links to the GyroChip (google Hillary Clinton, Joe Giroir), MindBox (google mortgage, MDA, Countrywide), Nortel (google accounting fraud), Boeing (google DoJ, $615 million fine) and Pargesa (google Desmarais, Saddam, bin Laden) and let me know what you find.
Let's see if we have exposed a GPS assassination network, equipped with Giroir and Clinton GyroChips and paid with nearly-untraceable Clickbacks via Carlyle, MindBox and Nortel online.
And if we have exposed their networks "Let's roll with a RICO 9/11"
David Hawkins
Notes: GPS assassins hit Queen of the North, Flt 93, USS Cole?
"The director of health and safety for BC Ferries resignation .. less than one week after the Queen of the North sank in the waters of B.C.'s Inside Passage .. for "personal reasons," .. hired from outside the company .. resignation unexpected .. responsibilities involved coordinating safety audits and liaising with marine and engineering superintendents on operational safety matters. Bowland could not be reached for comment .. retired Capt. Lew Glentworth said members of the crew told him moments before the Queen of the North struck Gil Island, a passenger reported the vessel was travelling beside a mountain. Glentworth's former crew from the Queen of Prince Rupert were operating the vessel when it hit the island and sank in 426 metres of water .. two passengers remain missing .. presumed dead .. Glentworth believes most likely scenario is a failure to reset the autopilot as the vessel cleared Sainty Point at the mouth of Grenville Channel .. possible change to the autopilot was made, and autopilot subsequently failed .. He said reports that the ferry struck the island at its top speed of 19 knots indicates no one was aware of the danger until the collision .. He said his theory "doesn't exonerate anyone, because what has happened here is the officer on the bridge has simply, for whatever reason, been unaware of the danger he was standing into." .. He was criticized Tuesday by Jackie Miller, president of the B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers' Union [invested with Carlyle Canada and CAI private equity groups in the bcIMC pooled pesnion fund] who lashed out at "armchair navigators" who are publicly speculating about the cause of the sinking." Miller said BC Ferries president David Hahn, a former ferry captain and unnamed ferry employees were making statements that could harm the integrity of the official Transportation Safety Board investigation."

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