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Grand Jury for Dead Pilot Flight Box Frauds?

Synopsis: Asks Boeing pilots to empanel `Runaway' Grand Jury, protected from corrupt prosecutors, to investigate `Dead Pilot Flight Box' fraud by sponsors of Clinton White House era (1993 – 2001).

Open e-mail sent January 2, 2006

To: Field McConnell, Fighter Pilot and Forensic Economist

From: David Hawkins, Forensic Economist and [Founder] Hawks CAFE [ ]

Cc: Kristine Marcy, McConnell International contactus@... , John Prater, President, Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), john.prater@...


Dear Field:

Grand Jury for Dead Pilot Flight Box Frauds?

I am asking pilots of Boeing passenger jets to empanel a `Runaway' Grand Jury - well protected from corrupt prosecutors - and investigate `Dead Pilot Flight Box' frauds allegedly executed by financial sponsors of the Clinton White House era (1993 – 2001).

Research suggests the alleged frauds were executed by a racketeering-influenced and corrupt organization (`RICO') of Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Carlyle Canada private equity groups and the French American Foundation (`FAF') in New York and Paris.

Carlyle and FAF insiders appear to have hired Barzan al-Tikriti (just hanged in Baghdad) and Hillary Clinton in the late `80s to help develop special weapons and tactics teams for an "Iraqgate" assassination, money laundering and arms and drugs smuggling network.

In the `90s, Barzan and Hillary developed `smart' airborne cluster bomb technologies thanks to a series of bogus public-private partnerships with the CIA, CSIS (Canada Security and Intelligence Services) and the Mukhabarat, the Iraqi intelligence services.

The dead-pilot flight box weapon evolved after a bombing of the Murrah Building (OKC) in 1995 killed agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and terrified survivors promptly lifted a ban on the use of explosives on Boeing passenger jets.

We analyzed war game maneuvers to discover that a French American Foundation `red team' simulated an `al-Qaeda hijack' during the `Amalgam Virgo' war game of 1-2, June 2001 by making use of `dead-pilot' flight boxes embedded in Boeing passenger jets.

We then found FAF used the `dead-pilot' flight boxes to overwhelm blue-team defenders with coordinated decoy-and-drone maneuvers in a `Global Guardian' war game on 9/11.

On 9/11, the FAF red team fraudulently converted `co-operating' Boeing civilian passenger jets into 'non-cooperating' net-centric attacks with 'smart' cluster bombs.

For consideration by you, your fellow ALPA pilots and a prospective Grand Jury, please find below a revised version of 10 lines of evidence and a tentative defendants' list.

Sincere regards, David Hawkins

Notes: "Grand Jury for Dead Pilot Flight Box Frauds?"

Information on a runaway grand jury "In some rare instances, the grand jury does break with the prosecutor .. can even exclude prosecutor from meetings and subpoena witnesses and issue indictments on its own. This is called a "runaway grand jury." Runaway grand juries sometimes happen in government corruption or organized crime cases, if the grand jury comes to believe that the prosecutor himself has been improperly influenced .. In all U.S. jurisdictions retaining the grand jury, the defendant has the right under the Fifth Amendment not to give self-incriminating testimony. However, the prosecutor can call the defendant to testify and require the defendant to assert the right on a question-by-question basis, which is prohibited in jury trials unless the defendant has voluntarily testified on his own behalf. Other evidentiary rules applicable to trials (such as the hearsay rule) are generally not applicable to grand jury proceedings."

Tentative List of Dead-Pilot Flight Box Modules, Frauds and Defendants

(Revised January 2, 2007)

1. Dead-Pilot Flight Data Module: Tracks pilots - dead or alive - and planes for real-time event arbitrage. Carlyle AXA sells life insurance on pilots to mobbed-up labor union pension funds; then buys life insurance on the same pilots through AXA Re. When pilots are murdered, AXA Re shares collective kickback with killers, mob bosses, militants and racketeering private-equity groups. Defendants include Henri de Castries, Claude Bebear, Hillary Clinton, Barzan al-Tikriti (Clinton's Iraqgate partner just hanged in Baghdad), Yeslam bin Laden and Tom Gunn (OMERS) Paul Desmarais Sr. and Maurice Strong.

2. Missile Gyroscope Module: Remote guidance with GyroChip (QRS 11) gyroscope (Raytheon's Maverick missile) of Boeing passenger jets as pilots - dead or alive - begin "Final Approach Corridor" into targets. Defendants include: Joyce E. Tucker (Boeing BEAGLES), Hillary Clinton, Joe Giroir, John Deutch, Daniel Friedmann, Mohammad al-Zaibak, John Shalikashvili, Air Navigation Data of Ottawa and NAVCAN.

3. Voice Splicing Module: Splices conversations through virtual war rooms. Red team `stages' al-Qaeda hijacking of various decoys and drones using remote actors, witting or unwitting FAA air traffic controllers and onboard pilots dead or alive. Defendants include: Ben Sliney, Arthur Coia and Micki J. Daily (Laborers Local 2097), Lansdowne Technologies and Parisien Research of Ottawa, Tomoye (Gatineau), Groove (Beverley, MA), Thomas Malone (MIT Center for Coordination Science), Buzzy Kronguard (CIA and Boeing Iridium Satellite), Osama bin Laden (Boeing Thuraya Satellite).

4. Transponder Bypass Module: Blocks pilots – alive or dying – from keying in "HJCK" four-digit code to alert 'blue-team' air traffic controllers. Converts a fleet of `co-operating' Boeing civilian passenger jets into a non-cooperating net-centric attack of smart cluster bombs. Used by red team to overwhelm blue-team defenses during the decoy-and-drone and stand-down maneuvers in `Amalgam Virgo' and `Global Guardian' war games of 1-2, June 2001 and 9/11. Defendants include, Francois Bujon de l'Estang (French Ambassador to U.S. September 1995 - December 2002; Chairman of Citigroup France in January 2003, Director Thales in May 2004), Major General Rick Findley (NORAD), Vice Admiral SA Fry USN (JCS), LTGen John Campbell USAF-CIA (Retired) and John Deutch.

5. Pulse Detonation Module: Times firing of explosives or incendiaries in wings and fuselage to generate high-temperature shock waves (white flashes!!). Vaporizes pilots and the majority of physical evidence of murder, arson and insurance fraud. Defendants include: Martec (Gatineau, Quebec), John Deutch, Alfonso Gagliano (Bonanno crime family) and Frank McKenna.

6. Planting of evidence: Saboteurs and/or mobsters embedded with labor unions plant evidence at Logan Airport and Ground Zero to suggest `al-Qaeda' hijackings. Defendants include Hussain Al-Hussaini (Alleged Iraqi agent both at Murrah Building OKC to destroy BATFE offices and later at Logan Airport), George Soros (Waste Management Inc), Frank McKenna and Leo DiRubbo, reputed associate of Luchese crime family, with AMEC, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. through Teamsters Local 813, Hillary Clinton, Arthur Coia and Micki J. Daily through mobbed-up FAA and Laborers Local 2097.

7. Spoliation of evidence: Mobbed-up construction, sanitation and demolition unions flush evidence down sewers at Ground Zero and mix up materials at the scene of the murders at the Pentagon. Defendants include, George Soros (Waste Management Inc), Frank McKenna and Leo DiRubbo, reputed associate of Luchese crime family, with AMEC, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. through Teamsters Local 813, Hillary Clinton, Arthur Coia and Micki J. Daily through mobbed-up FAA and Laborers Local 2097.

8. Removal of evidence: Mobbed-up construction and demolition unions truck evidence from Ground Zero to Fresh Kills land fill and off to China and India. Defendants include, George Soros (Waste Management Inc), Frank McKenna and Leo DiRubbo, reputed associate of Luchese crime family, with AMEC, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. through Teamsters Local 813, Hillary Clinton, Arthur Coia and Micki J. Daily through mobbed-up Laborers Local 2097, Ben Sliney ("Clear the Skies to Canada")

9. Spinning of evidence: Up to 20 corrupt agencies engaged in bogus ongoing NATO (?) continuity-of-government exercises to disrupt and sidetrack investigations. Defendants include, John Shalikashvili, Bruce McConnell and Kris Marcy with McConnell International, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Harold Ickes "Shadow Party" with lawyers, lesbian (or bisexual) and laborers entrapment networks and media and Hollywood made Ben Sliney a star while backer paid perjurers in "United 93" movie.

10. MindBox Hedge Fund Fraud: MindBox software is a decision-support tool used during 9/11 war games for insider trading, money laundering, hedge-fund, private-equity, event-arbitrage and property and life insurance frauds. Arbitrage of panicked capital markets, especially a contrived four-day closure of the New York Stock Exchange after 9/11, generated trillion-dollar hedge fund profits for which the wrongful deaths of eight pilots was considered `collateral damage'. Defendants include: George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Carlyle Canada's Paul Desmarais Sr. and Maurice Strong, Darleen Druyun, Jamie Gorelick, Kristine Marcy, Brian McConnell, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Thomas Barnett, Frank McKenna, Frank Carlucci, Jim Baker, Arthur Levitt, John Biggs, Board of Directors of Boeing and 50 special investors in the CAI Private Equity Group.

American affiliates of French American Foundation red-team in the bogus 9/11 war game, include Joshua B. Bolten (1999), Deputy Chief of Staff, The White House, Ian Brzezinski (2001) Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense for European and NATO Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense, General Wesley K. Clark (1983), Former President William Jefferson Clinton (1984), Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (1983), Charlotte Hallengren (1999) Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Strategic Planner, The Joint Staff, Pentagon, Kori N. Schake (2001) Director for Defense and Strategy Requirements, National Security Council.

French affiliates of French American Foundation red-team in the bogus 9/11 war game, include Henri de Castries (1994), Directeur Général, Groupe AXA, Jean-Louis Gergorin (1994) Executive Vice President Stragetic Coordination, European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, Bruno Lafont (1989), Executive Vice President, Lafarge, Ludovic de Montille (1989) Senior Banker BNP Paribas

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