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Groupe Axa - From Arkancide to Kyoto 9/11

Synopsis: Need evidence for Axa hiring Rose Law to broker tainted blood (Arkancide) and develop missile gyroscopes, electronic warfare, aluminum-powder incendiary systems used in Kyoto 9/11.
Open post sent March 27, 2007 to:Members of Hawks CAFE yahoo group
From: Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins
Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE
Copies include: 
U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney vice_president@...
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper 
Dear Members at Hawks CAFE
Re: Groupe Axa - From Arkancide to Kyoto 9/11
Hawks CAFE believes AXA hedge-fund managers steered an illegally-modified Boeing aircraft towards Carlton Bartels, a Kyoto carbon credit trader in One World Trade Center, during the 9/11 war games, knowing that AXA principals, Henri de Castries and Claude Bebear, had recently been released on bail by a French magistrate after being questioned on money-laundering through AXA "dead-peasant" life insurance policies.
We note that, historically - at least prior to 9/11 - Axa always made the beneficiaries of its life insurance policies wait a long time before collecting their money while(Cui Bono?) Axa insiders became very rich, very quickly after the early death of Axa policy holders.
Axa, and U.S. subsidiary Equitable Life Asssurance (US) subsidiary made policy-holder victim families and descendants wait nearly 100 years to collect on claims following the massacre of Armenian Catholics in the forced 1916-17 exodus under the Ottoman Turks.
Axa made policy-holder victim families and descendants wait nearly 60 years to collect on claims following the massacre of Jews in the Holocaust, forcing claimants into a class action lawsuit to prove that Axa and other European insurers, including Allianz, withheld, concealed or converted the proceeds of policies sold before World War II.
We now find that Axa appears to have dodged any life-insurance liabilities associated with its contract hire, beginning in the early to mid 1970s, of four Rose Law Firm partners, Vincent Foster (died 1993), Joe Giroir, Webster Hubbell and Hillary Rodham.
Axa appears to have hired Rose Law to conceal a lucrative 'dead-prisoner' life insurance business for Axa's clients by recklessly or fraudulently serving as a broker for the tainted blood bought from prisoners in the Arkansas Correction System; tainted blood which was subsequently re-injected  into thousands of (re-insured?) Canadian and American citizens.
To our knowledge, the tainted-blood victim families and their descendants have failed in their class action lawsuits for damages in respect of  more than two decades in which "the Arkansas prison system sold blood plasma from inmates infected with viral hepatitis and AIDS. Thousands of unwitting victims who transfused a product called factor 8 made from this blood died as a result [Arkancide] .. filmmaker Kelly Duda uncovers a tragedy many consider a crime .. the story of how tainted blood was sold to patients in Canada and other parts of the world while Bill Clinton was governor .. Criminal investigations and class-action suits in Canada, Europe and Japan over tainted blood infections underscore the global significance of this issue. Families are still grieving. Victims are still dying."

We have noted that Rose Law partners went on to broker the development of illegal modifications, including missile gyroscopes, electronic warfare and aluminum-powder boosted incendiary systems, to weaponize Boeing passenger aircraft used on 9/11.
Perhaps Hawks CAFE members can help us to explain why Axa and Equitable Life Insurance were so quick (see below) to collect death certificates from the families of 9/11 victims, including the 342 New York City firefighters who died in the Twin Towers.
(N.B. The NYC firefighters died following an apparent controlled demolition of the Twin Towers using powder-boosted incendiaries, consistent with an Arkancide or 'murder-for-hire' operation to eliminate Axa's Kyoto carbon-credit trading competitor by killing founder, Carlton Bartels, and over 600 of his Cantor Fitzgerald colleagues.)
Please contact us if you have any evidence that could support the claim for damages in the proposed "Kyoto 9/11" class-action lawsuit as outlined at the following url.
Thanking you in advance, 
Field McConnell Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot,
23,000 hours of safety 
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 hawks-cafe@... 
Notes: "Groupe Axa - From Arkancide to Kyoto 9/11"
"September 17, 2001 .... NEW YORK, NY – The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S. announced today a program to expedite the payment of claims and provide other complimentary services to families of victims of the terrorist attacks in the United States on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. The announcement was made by Kip Condron, President and CEO of AXA Financial, Inc., parent company of Equitable Life. Two company "disaster relief" claims and information centers will be established: on the site of the AXA Gallery at 787 Seventh Avenue in midtown Manhattan, and at the AXA Advisors Mid-Atlantic Regional headquarters at 3141 Fairview Park Dr. in Falls Church, VA, near Washington, DC. Beneficiaries can come to either location to receive immediate, on-site payment upon presentation of appropriate information. Both locations will be staffed by company service representatives to write and present claims-payment checks on the spot."
1981-1987: PAUL MARTIN served as director of CANADIAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (CDC), the holding company for a private company,CONNAUGHT LABORATORIES, the major supplier of blood products in Canada, and specifically Factor VIII used by hemophiliacs and derived from the plasma produced by the Arkansas tainted blood brokered by ROSE LAW FIRM partner VINCENT FOSTER. During this time, PAUL MARTIN's CANADA STEAMSHIP LINES was run in a private equity arrangement with PAUL DESMARAIS SR., a member of the international advisory council of GROUPE AXA making MARTIN an insider of AXA's so-called "dead-peasant" life insurance policies. During this time, PAUL MARTIN's LANDSOWNE TECHNOLOGIES provided business management services to HEALTH CANADA in the suspected use of tainted blood as a special weapon which appears to have caused the wrongful deaths of thousands of insured Canadians.

"Lansdowne [controlled by Groupe Axa hedge fund managers] was awarded a six-year contract to provide project management consulting services to the Allied Vaccine Development Project (AVDP) of the 
Department of National Defence (DND). Through this contract, Lansdowne will develop and implement risk management strategies, project management tools and processes, communications strategies, and industrial liaison strategies. Lansdowne will also provide project management training to DND under the contract. The AVDP is a 14-year project to develop new vaccine systems and related medical countermeasures to protect Canadian Forces personnel against potential biological warfare threats. While these vaccines are being developed for defence purposes, they will be licensed by Health Canada under the Canadian regulatory process for new drugs."
18 U.S.C. § 1958 [Murder-for-Hire] The United States may now prosecute anyone who travels or uses facilities in foreign commerce with the intent to murder for pecuniary compensation.

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