Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hawk's answer to an anonymized question on 911

"From:  .. To:  hawks-cafe@... Subject:  a question about the perps Date:  Mon, 28 May 2007 06:27:23 GMT I can't remember off ... if there are any Jewish/Zionists/Israelis in the defendants list??  Have you ever seen 911 Stranger Than Fiction video?"
I don't look at the defendants listed in terms of their race, colour or creed - the issue is whether or not they used or travelled, or induced their victims to use or travel, on interstate or foreign commerce for purposes of murder for hire with a pecuniary benefit to the assassins.
I realize now that the international labor union movement has been corrupted by the Global Guardians into a two-tier structure to control production and distribution in the global commons - classic Marxist objectives sponsored by David Rockefeller, Maurice Strong and the Clintonistas.
Union rank-and-file members - particularly first responders such as firefighters or pilots - are being sold life insurance based on a highly-manipulated perceived risk of a terrorist attack while union insiders, bosses and officers are sponsoring catastrophe bond triggered by acts of sabotage.
In this model, 50 NYC firefighters officers were trained by the US Naval War College in December 2000 on the procedures needed to bring both towers down and kill in excess of 300 firefighters.
In this cat-bond model, x officers in FAA Liuna Local 2097 were trained 1-2 June 2001 on the procedures needed to fly cat-bond insured 'hijacked' aircraft past the US Air Force and into cat-bond insured targets, including the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and Capitol Building.
On the big day the firefighters were sheperded into the towers by their officers, the radios sabotaged, the building pulled triggering the double occurrence cat-bond on the infrastructure and 342 first responders murdered to trigger the cat bond on the Axa life insurance.
Huge amounts of money into the NYC firefighters senior officers variable supplements fund and go-away and shut-up money to the victims' spouses and families.
Not very pretty and certainly nothing to do with race, colour or creed - just the Mob, the Marxists and the MSM Main Stream Media (N.B. Hollywood Law & Order's Fred Thompson was a lobbyist for the Teamsters Central States Pension Fund a few years after Jimmy Hoffa's daddy disappeared after helping the Mob rip off the rank and file's money c.f. Coia, pere et fils, with LIUNA).

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