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Hillary BEAGLES on Scent of Wrongful Death

Synopsis: Suggest defendants in wrongful death suit: Hillary Clinton, Kris Marcy, Joyce Tucker (BEAGLES), Micki Daily (LIUNA 2097 air traffic controllers OKC)

Open e-mail sent December 27, 2006 to:
Field McConnell, Fighter Pilot, Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE

From: Founder, Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE, David Hawkins ,

Ccs include: Kris Marcy, McConnell International, contactus@... John Prater, President Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) john.prater@...


Dear Field McConnell:

Re: Hillary BEAGLES on Scent of Wrongful Death

Below are names and background on three women and one man for consideration as the principal defendants in your proposed pro se claim re wrongful deaths resulting from the alleged sabotage of targets, including AA 77 (9/11), TWA 800 (1996) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office in the Murrah Building, Oklahoma City (1995).

I look forward to your comments re pro se procedures in the United States District Court of North Dakota.

Yours sincerely, David Hawkins

Notes: "Hillary BEAGLES on Scent of Wrongful Death"


Hillary Clinton: Used her position as America's First Lady (1993-2001) to build a lesbian and bi-sexual entrapment network; Collected intelligence from stolen files on U.S. government, industry and military leaders; Blackmailed and extorted victims in U.S. Department of Justice, FBI, CIA and other agencies, including the Clinton White House through husband, Bill Clinton, POTUS 42; Helped conceal "false-flag" al-Qaeda terrorist cells embedded in the mobbed-up Laborers union (LIUNA); Procured GyroChip (QRS11) missile gyroscope from Joe Giroir, her former boss at the Rose law firm, a director of BEI Industries and an alleged agent for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army with Johnny Huang; Procured special weapons and tactics teams equipped with nano-aluminum explosives and incendiaries developed by the Carlyle Canada private equity group; Conspired with Lafarge directors and Carlyle's Canada Steamship Lines to conceal an 'Iraqgate' cluster-bomb smuggling pipeline for Saddam Hussein; Conspired with Amec laborers to sabotage public buildings, including US Embassies in East Africa, the Murrah Building and Pentagon (9/11); Conspired with Boeing BEAGLES to sabotage military (Ron Brown) jets and commercial (AA77, UAL93) passenger jets; Built a global assassination grid (GAG) with a private equity backdoor into Boeing's Iridium and Thuraya satellite communications system, and last but not least, has plotted to overthrow the sovereign state of America.

Kristine Marcy (Field McConnell's sister): Helped McConnell International to coordinate America's "No Evacuation, No Investigation, No Retaliation" strategy in response to ongoing acts of contrived sabotage by 'al-Qaeda' and other false-flag terrorist groups; Structured bogus public-private partnerships with Amec, Boeing and Canada Steamship Lines and up to 10 government agencies, including U.S. Department of Justice, and, Paralyzed leadership decision by the Bush Administration through "entangling alliances" with Carlyle Canada, the World Bank and the United Nations.

Joyce E. Tucker: Vice president of global diversity and employee rights at Boeing Co where she set up the BEAGLES - a militant Lesbian & Gay Employee Network; Harassed company on bogus claims of chided workers and alleged discrimination of GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender]; Corrupted company which is now "rotten to the core" with pervasive misconduct spanning Cape Canaveral to Huntington Beach, to Orlando, to St. Louis to Chicago; Violated Economic Espionage Act, Procurement Integrity Act, False Claims Act and Major Frauds Act; Tainted EELV contract, NASA 19-pack contract [a 2002 contract for up to 19 Delta II rocket launches] and 27 Darleen Druyun-related contracts; Infiltrated saboteurs into Boeing IDS (Integrated Defense Systems); Collapsed security clearances and checks; Violated Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms' prohibition on possessing explosives; Manipulated Boeing Commercial Airplanes production so every single door on airplane has actuators with remotely
triggered explosives; Installed QRS-11 missile GyroChip on Boeing commercial jets sent without export license to Communist China between 2000 and 2003.

Micki J. Daily: Business Manager, Laborers (LIUNA) Local Union 2097, Oklahoma City, OK, Work: (405) 954-6539; Sabotaged FAA air traffic control services on 9/11; Used Boeing's Iridium system for 'electronic hijacking', guidance and remote ignition or detonation of illegally-installed incendiary bombs on AA77 and UAL 93; Developed and executed red-team maneuvers for bogus war games "Amalgam Virgo" (June 1-2, 2001) and "Global Guardian" (9/11), and, Spoliated tape-recorded evidence that would otherwise have lead otherwise terrified FBI or government investigators to indicting LIUNA 2097 members in Oklahoma City for racketeering, arson, extortion and murder.

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