Monday, March 8, 2010

McConell asks if Barzan hanged on Clinton hedge

Synopsis: Field McConnell asks if Carlyle helped hang Barzan al-Tikriti fast to hedge (insulate) Hillary Clinton from al-Qaeda 9/11 flight-box scam

Open e-mail sent December 30, 2006

To: David Hawkins, Forensic Economist and [Founder] Hawks CAFE [ ]
From: Field McConnell, Fighter Pilot and Forensic Economist
Dear David:
Flight Box 9/11 - Barzan hanged on Clinton hedge?

You told me that Barzan al-Tikriti who they just hanged in Baghdad with half-brother Saddam Hussein, used UN Oil-for-Food money to develop the 'al-Qaeda' flight boxes used for the 9/11 hedge fund frauds executed by a Carlyle Canada* bank in Geneva.

You also told me that Barzan and Hillary Clinton helped to run an 'Iraqgate' cluster-bomb smuggling pipeline and assassination network for the CIA and Saddam in the early '90s.

Question: When Jim Baker came back from Iraq recently, did he tell Carlyle that male agent Barzan had to be hanged hurriedly in Baghdad to prevent any plea bargaining that might risk
Carlyle's hedge-fund investments in female agent Hillary Clinton in New York?

Best regards,

Field McConnell

Notes: "Flight Box 9/11 - Barzan hanged on Clinton hedge?"

"In 1982 [Iraq's] Department of General Intelligence shake-up .. assisted by Saddam Husayn's half-brother, Barazan Husayn .. separate intelligence networks incorporated within department .. With Mukhabarat, in 1983, Barzan Al Tikriti organised massacres .. responsible for assassinations of opponents abroad .. links with terrorist organisations, money laundering [by Carlyle Canada through Pargesa in Geneva] and arms purchases .. In 1993, Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) [Barzan] directed an attempt to assassinate, through the use of a powerful car bomb [same nano-aluminum or thermite technology used to destroy Ron Brown plane in 1996], former U.S. President George Bush and the Emir of Kuwait .. Barzan appointed permanent representative of Iraq to United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva .. death of Iraqi security chief Rafa Daham Tikriti announced in October 1999 by Baghdad .. third explanation for demise -- execution .. for leaking details of secret Iraqi arms deal with Moscow [financed by Carlyle Canada].. Rafa Takriti fell in power struggle between Barzan Takriti and Saddam's older son Uday .. previously served as an aide .. as Barzan [Soros, Clinton and Carlyle] pushed claim [for Barzan] to succeed Saddam against Uday and Saddam's younger son Qusay"

"We are also engaged, Madam Chair, in listing and designating known supporters .. of financial infrastructure of Hussein regime .. Treasury Department designation of 16 family members .. critical to financial .. workings of regime, such as Barzan al-Tikriti [UN Oil-for-Food kickbacks laundered by Carlyle Canada through Pargesa bank in Geneva]. Those names are being notified to the U.N. [to be assassinated, bribed or gagged]"

"Baker .. senior partner at law firm of Baker Botts, senior counsel to Carlyle [Canada] Group. In late 2003 drafted by President to assist in operations of US-led occupation of Iraq .. White House Chief of Staff .. urged President Bush to replace Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld with Baker following 2004 election .. On 15 March 2006, Congress announced formation of Iraq Study Group, of which he is the Republican co-chair along with [9/11 Ommissioner] Lee Hamilton .. charged by Congress with fresh look at America's policy on Iraq .. examining .. new power-sharing arrangement in Iraq give more autonomy to regional factions [i.e. Clinton, Soros and Carlyle wants to break up a sovereign Iraq to reinstitute UN Oil-for-Food scam].. On 6 December 2006 report from Iraq Study Group recommend diplomatic solutions to resolve Middle East conflict".

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