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McConnell "Iridium Ridge and Indonesia's Vaporized Boeing"

Synopsis: McConnell asks South East Asian Times to quiz investigators in Indonesia on role of Iridium, Tom Ridge, FAA and GE in vaporized Boeing KI-574.

Iridium Ridge and Indonesia's Vaporized Boeing

Open e-mail sent January 8, 2007 to:

The Editor, South East Asian Times southeastasiantimes@...

From: Field McConnell, Fighter Pilot and Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE

Copies include:
Liz DeCastro, Director, Iridium Corporate Communications, liz.decastro@... for the attention of Tom Ridge

Captain John Prater, President, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) john.prater@... for the urgent attention of ALPA members

David Hawkins, Founder Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE

Dear South East Asian Times Editor:

Re: Iridium Ridge and Indonesia's Vaporized Boeing

Hawks CAFE forensic economists believe that Iridium satellites were used to relay pulse detonation signals, ignite rocket fuel incendiaries and vaporize a Boeing 757-222 (United Flight 93) over Pennsylvania on 9/11 and a Boeing 737-400 (Adam Air KI-574) over the Makassassar Straight near the Indonesian town of Majene on New Years Day.

We also believe that Tom Ridge, governor of Pennsylvania on 9/11, gave orders to FEMA
paramilitaries and public-sector union members to 'spoliate' or remove evidence of murder, arson and 'dead pilot' life insurance fraud in the United 93 debris field which stretched 8-miles on a north-west to south-east axis from Shanksville to New Baltimore.

Tom Ridge, now a director of Iridium, was in a position to give similar orders on New Years Day when an Adam Air Boeing appears to have made Iridium-controlled course changes over the Makassassar Straight, before disappearing with no mayday call and no emergency locator transmission while Indonesian search crews were sent in the wrong direction and carefully coordinated by Iridium directors (?) to ensure they found nothing.

We suggest your newspaper asks some questions of six investigators from America who just arrived in Indonesia to help search for the apparently-vaporized Boeing 737.

Do the Federal Aviation Administration's investigators include members of the mobbed-up Laborers Union ('LIUNA') Local 2097 in Oklahoma City? Thanks to a sham "Operating Agreement" with the Clinton White House (1993-2001), LIUNA was able to provide United 93 with the sabotaged air traffic control services needed for 9/11.

Do the Boeing investigators include experts on Boeing passenger planes illegally modified with Iridium-controlled missile gyroscopes (QRS11) and embedded explosives?

Do the General Electric investigators include experts on the company's pulse detonation technology or its Universal Pictures Studio 'spin' of evidence for the movie "United 93"?

We are copying this open e-mail to Liz DeCastro, Iridium's Director of Corporate Communications, for the attention of Tom Ridge, and to the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) president, John Prater, for the attention of all ALPA members.

Please contact me if you need further information on Iridium Ridge and Indonesia's vaporized Boeing.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell

Notes: "Iridium Ridge and Indonesia's Vaporized Boeing"

"Jakarta, January 7: Investigators from United States arrived in Indonesia to help search for Adam Air Boeing 737-400 .. remote sensing satellite .. yet to locate missing aircraft .. investigators from Federal Aviation Administration; Boeing and General Electric .. signals from aircraft .. put it at 3.135.257 south and 119.917 east .. near Sulawesi coastal town of Majene .. disappeared [New Years Day] without crew issuing mayday call .. turned west halfway into two-hour flight .. encountered winds of about 130 kmph over the Makassar Strait .. changed course again, turning aircraft east toward land .. then disappeared from radar .. no transmissions from plane's emergency locator .. With no sign of the wreckage, rescuers extended search south toward Bali .. also patrolled coasts farther northeast. On Tuesday, it was wrongly announced that the wreckage had been found with 12 survivors. The Southeast Asian Times"

"June 30, 2006 – Iridium Satellite announce Tom Ridge .. joined Company's Board of Directors .. Iridium provides complete coverage of earth .. for switching and routing of mobile satellite communications in space .. independent of land-based infrastructure .. enabler of primary and backup communications in event of manmade and natural disasters .. due to global nature, only Iridium allows users to send and receive voice and data communications regardless of location or movement .. military, first responder, government and commercial communities, link seamlessly on land, air and sea. "Iridium .. combat international terrorism integral part of our country's homeland security initiatives," said Secretary Ridge "Iridium's evolution from handheld voice service to full suite of voice and data solutions .. looking forward to working [with] other board members to increase Iridium support of U.S. government [CIA?] missions." After September 11, 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush selected then-Governor Ridge to head newly created Department of Homeland Security .. In January 2003 .. Ridge assumed post of Homeland Security Secretary .. organized combined 22 federal agencies employing 180,000 staff. Secretary Ridge served as Governor of Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2001"

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