Monday, March 8, 2010

McConnell on Gyrochip, Hillary, sex, blackmail and drugs

E-mail to DH and Kris Marcy (Field McConnell sister and former Deputy Associate Attorney General, Department of Justice during Janet Reno era) Sent December 22, 2006 4:31:21 PM by Field McConnell

"Dear David and Kris:

The pilots that were assassinated on 9-11-01 were not in control of any of the 4 jets I assure you.

I am confident that the facts will soon be proven by expert insider testimony that all 4 of the airliners were taken over electronically using the QRS11 GyroChip and the already reported "small white jets from Canada" [Bombardier CE-144 combat support jets from Carlyle-Clinton sponsored NATO flight-training school in Moose Jaw, Sask?] and that the 3 flights which the media reports were flown into symbols of our national power were, in fact, flown out over the Atlantic and destroyed by the thermite which was illegally modified in Abbottsford BC [allegedly by Cascade Aerospace and Carlyle Canada].

I am by education an economist however we had enough science at the U S Naval Academy that I can understand, in layman's terms, what happens when thermite is ignited in a fuselage.

The initial explosion would blow the enpennage off and as the gas burning at 5800 degrees escapes thru the opening in the tail, the engines would ripped off and lacking an enpennage the wildly accelerating fuselage would go nose low and be vaporized, at some point, into plasma. That is what I believe to be what occurred in Shanksville. The Air National Guard unit that I retired from was "in the area" with shoot down orders as a redundancy to the thermite [in the insulation?].

That celluloid drivel known as UA93 [GE's "United 93"] did little to capture the imagination of those who are not buying the 9-11 events as reported.

For starters, none, NONE, of the muslim patsies ever flew above 10,000 feet above ground level [AGL]. As they had never been above 10K they would never have flown faster than 250K [ K= knot= nautical mph].

If the patsies had never flown about 250K it is impossible they could have been controlling either WTC jet or whatever hit the Pentagon [ NOT Chic Burlingame's flight 77]. As a career fighter pilot and airline captain who has flown in formation with drones and engaged and destroyed drones [QF102, QF100] I assert no patsy could control a 757 at 530 mph over the lawn at the Pentagon.

Further, the second WTC object, I believe to be a "false flag E10 manuevering so tightly at what I estimate to be 380K once again the pastsies were not allowed to go faster than 250K.

The performance ramifications of 380/250 is exponential not linear. In a nutshell, impossible. While the muslim patsies may have volunteered to do the flying I assert whoever controlled the 4 airliners thru the QRS11 [Hillary's al-Qaeda Sisterhood] is the guilty party, not the Muslim patsies.

The blackmail techniques used, I assert, by Hillary go way back to the 70s when a friend of mine from the Punahou School class of 1967 managed the restaurant that Hillary's husband frequented. I drew an informed opinion of Bill and Hillary from him. Further, the 4 star General, Hunter Harris IV, USAF, who appointed me to the Naval Academy told me how some low forms of life entrap powerful people seeking power or wealth. General Harris used to allow me to polish the 3 limousines that Pacific Air Forces [Hickam AFB, Hawaii] had. He sometimes would talk to me to assess my potential for an academy appointment. I believe he was entrapped by someone in Arkansas and I recall his talking of a Rockefeller, Winthrop I believe.

I had the opportunity to fly Gordon Kahl's dental records to Little Rock AFB, Arkansas after the FBI murdered him in the mid-80s. Further, while flying NORAD alert missions at Jacksonville FL I met Barry Seal and was offered some very interesting and profitable flying. Barry Seal had been the biggest and best drug smuggler that delivered cocaine into Mena, Ark during Bill Clinton's meteoric rise from a nobody to an impeached President. Barry Seal was murdered in 1988 by what I believe to be "false flag Colombians".

In summary I submit that, like the devil, Hillary would identify someone's weakness and exploit it for Hillary's gain. Once entrapped by Hillary one could not elect to opt out, similar to hauling drugs in airplanes. I think power, position, sex, homosexual sex, money and promise of influence were some of the potions Hillary poured out. However, Hillary cannot hold 900 former good servants slave and I believe there are many well intentioned public servants who feel paralyzed by their entrapment in Hillary's web. I feel that when a small number of entrapped Hillary people leave seeking clemency in return for their testimony, Hillary's tent will drop faster than a prom dress. I hope my sister, if likewise entrapped, leads the parade.

David, this is just a brief idea of what I think based on 5 years of research for a book entitled "Gadget Bent: in the Service of Hillary". However, after having finished John Ashcroft's recent book "Never Again" I am changing my book title to "Sweet Talkin' Woman" as I believe Americans are fed up with the lack of respect for, and governance under, the U S Constitution.

It's time to restore America and revive her people.

Thomas Jefferson wouldn't stand for this attack on America from INSIDE America and neither will I. NEVER AGAIN.

Kris, if you wish to chat 218 498 2568. You could be useful in the restoration of America's focus.


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