Monday, March 8, 2010

MindBox mortgage-for-murder, death squads in Iraq

Excerpt .. failed to dismantle MindBox war room, 'mortgage-for-murder' network in [Canada] to coordinate assassins [of] citizens and armed forces in Afghanistan, Iraq

To: Hawks CAFE yahoo group
Sent Wednesday, October 18, 2006

MindBox mortgage-for-murder, death squads in Iraq

Coalition governments have failed to identify or dismantle an alleged MindBox virtual war-room and 'mortgage-for-murder' network based inCanada and used to coordinate assassins killing citizens and armed forces personnel serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

My research suggests the Carlyle Canada private-equity group has infiltrated MindBox special weapons and tactics ('SWAT') teams and assassins into American agencies, Iraqi military police and civilian experts, through a joint venture with Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates of Richmond, B.C., and Martec and Tomoye of Gatineau, Quebec.

I invite members of the Hawks CAFE yahoo group to check my research and allegations.

If convinced, please contact your Canadian or American government leaders and get the assets of Carlyle Canada and its alleged MindBox associates quarantined before they hit us with what I believe they are planning as a decisive sequel to 9/11.


David Hawkins

"MindBox mortgage-for-murder, death squads in Iraq"

MindBox, Inc .. decisioning [for] U.S. mortgage lending community .. directly into the lender's workflow, making loan pricing .. underwriting [life insurance near real time i.e. 15 seconds] match lender [Carlyle Canada private equity investors against [target, victim] borrower profile, and suggest alternative products [mortgage-for-murder swap] .. process allows lenders to [extort maximum profit from] each of their customers.

"[Martec] awareness of vulnerability of civilian assets to sabotage .. Oklahoma City bombing, .. collapse of World Trade Centre buildings on [9/11] and Bali night club bombing .. readily available materials .. fashioned into very effective weapons .. Martec .. advanced engineering analysis tools [to] develop [special weapons] for .. explosive threats. Martec [dual-use] procedures facilitate vulnerability and threat assessments .. involve experts in design and construction and representatives of owner/operators [Carlyle Canada].. results used to develop defensive [offensive] measures and reduce [amplify] risk [of death] to first responders."

"Groove and Tomoye .. deal with ..U.S. Army provide software [for] Battle Command Knowledge System (BCKS). ".. 30 decentralized people in same workspace sharing knowledge, files, photos, activity reports when [assassination] maneuver developed .. retire workspace once [assassination] is over" .. in Iraq and Afghanistan .. secure work outside firewall [for death squads infiltrated in] American agencies, Iraqi military police and civilian experts."

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