Thursday, March 11, 2010

Planes in Flames for MIT Kyoto Racket

Open memo sent March 14, 2007 to Field McConnell from David Hawkins
Dear Field:
Coordinated by MIT professors Noam Chomsky and John Deutch, a mobbed-up Laborers union ('LIUNA') and MIT hedge fund group, appear to be extorting terrified leaders of the aviation industry with a covert threat of 'Planes in Flames' (Unabombs?).
At least one hundred Boeing aircraft have been converted for guidance by the QRS[9]11 missile gyroscope as remotely-operated incendiary cluster bombs, coordinated through the computers and virtual war rooms of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.
MIT's hedge funds are now forcing ALPA pilots and FAA administrators and passengers into buying worthless carbon credits as part of the UNEP-Kyoto protection racket.
Please consider including the MIT insiders or associates listed below as prospective defendants in the case you filed against Boeing and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA).
Notes: "Planes in Flames for MIT Kyoto Racket"
Paul Edward Gray, 14th president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently Professor of Electrical Engineering and President Emeritus at MIT. Director of Boeing Company 1990-2004 when the allegedly racketeering influenced and corrupt organization illegally modified Boeing passenger aircraft for bogus war games using missile gyroscopes (QRS11) and remotely-detonated explosives or incendiaries in the passenger cabins.
Professor John Deutch, MIT Department of Chemistry. Director Raytheon, Citigroup, Schlumberger and apparently-treasonous former director of the CIA who stole a copy of the agency's al-Qaeda database in 1995.
Professor Noam Chomsky, MIT Department of Linguistics. Ideological leader of the Industrial Workers of the World - a fascist labor movement committed to 'One Big Union, One Big Strike' and the violent overthrow of sovereign governments on behalf of what Young Leaders of the French American Foundation, including Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton, call "Les Militants Syndicalistes".
Seth Alexander, 
President, MIT Investment Management Company, "On June 3, 2004 Massachusetts's Institute of Technology Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) assumed duties of Investment Committee of the Corporation including private equity, oil, and gas; distressed debt [racketeering], event arbitrage, and other hedge fund strategies."

Thomas W. Malone
 is the Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  He is also director of the MIT Center for Coordination Science, now called the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, founded in 1991 by private equity groups. The Center appears to be structured to manipulate virtual war room networks and special weapons and tactics ('SWAT') teams as a mythical "single superhuman intelligence" to backdoor knowledge and resources of airline companies, FAA, ALPA and Boeing. Center users can apparently co-ordinate sabotage attacks on America and cultivate Chomskyite myths that such attacks are the legitimate and inevitable response to imperial excesses of U.S. capitalism and its leaders' exploitation of the working class.
Jane Garvey, 2002/3 appointed to teaching staff at MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. Former FAA Administrator, in charge of the FAA during the 9/11 attacks. At no time did Ms. Garvey co-ordinate response to the hijacking with NORAD. Former acting administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Former director of Logan International Airport. Former commissioner of Massachusetts Department of Public Works. Ms. Garvey appears to have conspired with Vice-Admiral S.A. Fry to insert a delay into the rules of engagement in response to acts of airborne piracy. "J-3 CJCSI 3610.01A DISTRIBUTION: A, B, C, J, S 1 June 2001 AIRCRAFT PIRACY (HIJACKING) AND DESTRUCTION OF DERELICT AIRBORNE OBJECTS" and a few days later handed off her responsibilities to an 'off-book' partnership with private equity groups and NASA "2001 DEVELOPING THE NEXT GENERATION AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM HEARING BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON SPACE AND AERONAUTICS COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ONE HUNDRED SEVENTH CONGRESS FIRST SESSION JULY 19, 2001 .. working relationship with NASA formalized October 1998 when Administrator Garvey and Administrator Goldin signed agreement to .. jointly develop advanced air traffic control support tools, improve training efficiency and enhance safety through human factors research, and develop and test advanced communications, navigation and surveillance systems."
"In [MIT] Plasma Technology Division, promising plasma technologies and related monitoring devices have been developed for a variety of waste processing and pollution reduction applications. The Division has received five R&D 100 awards for environmental and process monitoring devices, and a Discover Award for significant contributions to [aviation?] transportation technology."

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