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Reform BC Antitrust Remedy to Western Climate Fraud

Reform BC antitrust remedy in BC-US Western Region  to stop
bcIMC private placement group spoliating climate change data or evidence and protect the public from carbon cap-and-trade fraud
Open e-mail sent October 21, 2007 to:
The Honourable Gordon Campbell premier@...
Premier of British Columbia, Box 9041, Station PROV GOVT
Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 9E1 Phone: (250) 387-1715

From: Reform Party of British Columbia
Reference copy:
Canadian Prime Minster, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper 
Dear Premier Campbell:
Re: Reform BC Antitrust Remedy to Western Climate Fraud
Reform BC plans an antitrust remedy in the Western Region to stop CAI * (a bcIMC** private placement group) from spoliating climate change data or evidence and to protect our public assets from carbon cap-and-trade frauds.
CAI* = Canadian American Investors private equity groupbcIMC** = British Columbia Investment Management Corporation
We note that the BC Liberal government has acted without public knowledge or consent in committing the province to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to below 1990 levels by 2020 and beyond.
We also note that you joined the province with California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Utah in a 'Western Regional Climate Action Initiative' and plan a multi-state registry (BC OnLine?) to punish violators of an arbitrary carbon cap-and-trade scheme.  
In 1999, the BC government gave exclusive rights and control of BC OnLine and its Corporate and Personal Property [and Lien] Registries to Richmond-based Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates ('MDA'). 
In late 1999, CAI took control of MDA and gave bcIMC senior bureaucrats and government insiders a monopoly right to buy underpriced satellite signal-processing and lien-registration services and sell overpriced carbon credits to B.C. consumers.

Reform BC alleges CAI-bcIMC insiders violate Western antitrust laws in two ways; they have a 'monopsony' (an exclusive right to buy access to cheap satellite-data and carbon-lien registry services from MDA) and a 'monopoly' (an exclusive right to sell expensive carbon cap-and-trade credits through the Chicago Climate Exchange).
Our research indicates CAI-bcIMC is now 'forging' global-warming signatures to create panic and fear of inevitable climate-change and thereby justify the predatory attachment of carbon-emission liens to public, corporate and personal property in the Western Region.
Please advise your associates with CAI-bcIMC insiders that we will help our Western partners to seek triple damages for alleged violations of the U.S. Clayton Antitrust Act and develop similar remedies in our domestic courts.
Yours sincerely
David Hawkins, Leader 604-542-0891cc: Ron Gamble, President 604-980-7779
cc: Media
"Reform BC Antitrust Remedy to Western Climate Fraud"
"MDA REFUTES LAWSUIT .. named as defendant, along with Province of British Columbia and others in lawsuit commenced in Vancouver on March 28, 2001 by InfoWest Services Inc. [Filed by CAI-bcIMC-MDA private equity group insiders, Mohammad al-Zaibak and Larry Bell] relating to BC OnLine [Title and Lien Registry] Request for Proposal .. started 1997 .. completed 1999. InfoWest not successful bidder .. MDA reviewed allegations contained in statement of claim and is of the view allegations against it are unfounded and without substance. MDA [and CAI-bcIMC] will defend against this action."
The $80+ billion B.C. pension fund (bcIMC) became a signatory in June 2006 to Maurice Strong's UN Environmental Programme after joining CAI and the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan as major shareholder in BC-based Macdonald Dettwiler & Associates in 1999.
CAI-MDA now has de facto monopoly access to Canada's virtual war rooms, MindBox insured-loan management software, BC Online title & lien registry systems and an electronic 'Energy Performance Certificate' network for use in punishing `rogue' carbon emitters. 

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