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RICO 9/11 lawsuit against John Biggs, Boeing and MIT-Teachers?

Open e-mail sent September 12, 2006 to:
Steven Jones and Jim Fetzer,
Co-chairs of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE
Foundation Scholar,
Cambridge University
British Columbia, Canada Tel: 604-542-0891

Ccs include:

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

Canadian Minister of Public Safety, the Honourable Stockwell Day

Dear Professor Jones and Professor Fetzer:

Re: RICO 9/11 lawsuit against John Biggs, Boeing and MIT-Teachers?

In open correspondence or posts with the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I have alleged that John Biggs, former chairman of Boeing's audit committee and the teachers' national pension funds ('TIAA-CREF') and about 50 of his associates, set up CAI and MIT private equity groups to invest in unlawful debt, extort access to corporate or government knowledge and resources, stage bogus NATO and NORAD war games and execute arbitrage, real-estate, mortgage and insurance frauds with 'al-Qaeda' saboteurs on 9/11.

Mr. Biggs and his associates appear to have used the funds below to build a Canadian-American racketeering influenced and corrupt organization and, inter alia, help al-Qaeda move its global assets across three independent networks for what I call "RICO 9/11".

CAI Private Equity Fund I - 1990 - $182 million
CAI Private Equity Fund II - 1998 - $195 million
MIT Private Equity Fund, L.P. - 2000 - $167.0 million.
CAI Private Equity Fund III - 2004 - $375 million

I invite the Scholars for 9/11 Truth to use its knowledge and resources to prepare a civil RICO lawsuit on behalf of all members against John Biggs and the private equity group for their alleged use of the TIAA-CREF pension fund to finance unlawful debt and acquire influence over the Boeing Company and the resources used in the attack of 9/11.

Some research findings in support of my allegations can be found at the archive site

I draw your particular attention to my letter, "Did Teachers' Banks Sponsor Boeing 9/11 War Games?" sent by open e-mail dated June 13th., 2006, to W. James McNerney Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Boeing World Headquarters.

As a full member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I would be happy to provide whatever help I can in the research, preparation, filing and/or expert-witness services required for such a lawsuit in an appropriate court with jurisidiction over the national teachers' pension funds

Yours sincerely,

David Hawkins

Notes: "RICO 9/11 lawsuit against John Biggs, Boeing and MIT-Teachers?"

"MIT Marketable Alternative Investments group is responsible for identifying, investing in and monitoring the financial interests of the [Massachusetts Institute of Technology], including the Retirement Plan, in hedge fund and other marketable alternative investments. The primary focus of the marketable alternative investments program includes [9/11 event?] arbitrage strategies, distressed debt [racketeering?], special situations [insured mortgage on WTC#7?] and long/short equity [close NYSE for four days, keep CME open?]. Approximately one-third of the investments exist outside of the United States. Members of the staff represent MIT's interests by serving on the advisory boards of many of these investments that are organized as partnerships [insider trading and violation of equity?]. It is the goal of the Marketable Alternative Investments team to diligently seek investment opportunities that provide superior risk-adjusted returns [to the pensions of Noam Chomsky, John Deutch, Charles Vest, Paul Gray et al.?] with low correlation to the equity markets [they hedged 9/11?]."

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