Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unabomber (?) incendiaries destroy Boeing Sea Launch rocket

Synopsis: Were the Unabombers' incendiaries which liquidized WTC steel, and vaporized Boeing planes on 9/11, used to destroy Boeing Sea Launch Zenit rocket yesterday?

Unabomber (?) incendiaries destroy Boeing Sea Launch rocket

Open e-mail sent to Captain Field McConnell by David Hawkins January 30, 2007

Field, it appears the Unabombers (Union of al-Qaeda anarchists?) who used Boeing Iridium and Thuraya satellite command and comunications systems to detonate incendiary cluster bombs and liquidize the structural steel of the World Trade Center buildings #1, 2 and 7 and vaporize Boeing aircraft, pasengers and crew on flights 11, 175, 77 and 93, used similar ultra-high temperature incendiaries to destroy a Boeing's Sea Launch Zenit rocket yesterday.

"There is no immediate word from Sea Launch on the condition of the Odyssey launch platform. The rocket exploded as it was trying to lift off from the converted Norwegian oil-drilling platform"

Note that the Zenit's liquid oxygen ('LOX') / kerosene rocket fuel burns at 3,670 degrees Kelvin or 6,146 Fahrenheit, more than enough for Boeing's racketeering sponsors in Axa, Rose Law and Carlyle Canada, to vaporize evidence of MindBox murder, arson and insurance fraud.

As is usual before these 'dead-peasant' life insurance scams, Axa, Carlyle and Rose Law partners organizes a bogus dress rehearsal or training drill to get all the Unabomber labor union bosses organized for kickbacks into their collective pension funds, "Long Beach, Calif., April 26, 2000 -- Sea Launch Home Port, based in Long Beach Harbor, hosted a Mass Casualty exercise this morning managed by the City of Long Beach. While a serious incident was simulated, no actual emergency existed and no injuries were sustained. The objective of the federally-funded exercise was to create an opportunity in which multiple city, state, county and national agencies could practice emergency response actions individually and also in coordination with each other. In addition, the event allowed Sea Launch to practice its own on-site emergency/crisis plans and to work with the agencies involved in such activity. The two-and-a-half-hour exercise began with a 9:15 a.m. simulated explosion in which several Sea Launch employees posed as victims. The scenario called for a terrorist organization to take responsibility for the explosion. For the Sea Launch personnel who participated and/or observed, the event was an excellent learning experience [oh happy day!!!] .. Participating agencies included: Long Beach Fire Department, Long Beach Police, Long Beach Harbor Department, Long Beach Search and Rescue, Long Beach Transit, Long Beach Department of Health Services, Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles County HazMat, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, California Fish and Game, U.S. Coast Guard, Mutual Aid, Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management, Los Angeles County Operational Area Medical Strike Team, California Office of Emergency Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Remember that Boeing directors and its gay, lesbian and bisexual employees in the BEAGLES are running a manifestly corrupt and treasonous operation, "During project development in 1998 Boeing was fined $10m by United States Department of State for technical violations of Arms Export Control Act in handling of missile technology while dealing with its foreign Sea Launch partners, the largest civil penalty of its kind (although it could have been as much as 102 million USD). [7] The Sea Launch project was suspended for two months during the investigation. The Department of State found that between January 1994 and January 1998 Boeing illegally exported "defense articles" and "defense services", although no national security breaches were determined. [8] The violations were uncovered by Boeing's internal investigation. At about the same time United States Customs Service attempted to block Sea Launch from bringing Zenit 3SL rockets (classified as missiles) into California for assembly without a munitions import licence. The matter was settled in the company's favour. [9] Also in 1998, 16 member states of the South Pacific Forum issued a communiqué asking the United States to suspend the project indefinitely until and unless their environmental concerns are remedied. It was mostly criticized by the island nation of Kiribati. [10] The project was criticized in 1997 by International Transport Workers' Federation (ITWF) for registering its sea vessels in Liberia. [11] In May 1999 Sea Launch reached an agreement with the ITWF, which allows crew members to use ITWF inspectors."

I wonder if we, the people, will get the chance to see the light before we feel the heat.



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