Friday, April 23, 2010

McKenna traded JUSTICE key to al-Qaeda's war-game flight box

Belief Frank McKenna traded encryption keys; SERCO, Canadian Department of National Defence to activate JPATS (JUSTICE) flight boxes guide al-Qaeda hijacks during 9/11 war games.

Obama's call sign JUSTICE; traded in for treason

Belief Michelle Obama tax shelters Chicago trade in aircraft carrying flight boxes activated JPATS call sign JUSTICE allow treasonous associates to launch remotely-controlled drone attacks on America.

Al-Qaeda Out of Jail Pass – Marcy Marshals extort Supreme Court

Belief Kristine Marcy infiltrated JPATS U.S. Marshals service; Con Air assassin hired through Sidley Austin or Bank One tax shelters by Bernardine Dohrn, Michelle Obama to extort judges and witnesses.

Did Sidley choose the Songbird to fly low over Pentagon lawn?

Did Sidley Austin tax shelter mentors Dohrn, Obama, choose `Songbird' McCain maneuvers for Con Air drone to fly over Pentagon lawn and destroy U.S. Naval Command Center on 9/11 

Did McCain, Marcy use Mesa to fly Con Air 9/11?

Ask Cirrus comment John McCain, Kristine Marcy use of SERCO-operated FAA contract towers; Williams-Gateway Airport, Mesa AZ guide JPATS Con Air drones; NATO-PfP war game on 9/11

Bank One Obama and Neo Con Air

Belief  Bank One, Michelle Obama provide Neo Con Air contract hits; JPATS mechanics modify aircraft to fly as drones, call sign JUSTICE, vaporize evidence of murder for hire and insurance fraud

Obama JUSTICE converts Con Air fleet to gyro-guided explosive drones

Belief Michelle Obama protégés extorted credit; Bank One JPATS revolving fund to convert Con Air (JUSTICE) aircraft into gyro-guided drones for coordinated bombing attacks on the United States

Note that Bank One Plaza - Sidley Austin associates, Michelle Obama and Obama's Weathermen terrorist mentor, Bernardine Dohrn, sabotaged Boeing in the Con Air attacks of 9/11

Note that Bank One Plaza - Sidley Austin associates, Michelle Obama and Obama's Weathermen terrorist mentor, Bernardine Dohrn, sabotaged Boeing in the Con Air attacks of 9/11 and note also that their Women @ Sidley Austin friends represent the Airbus / Northrop Grumman refueling tanker bid.

JUSTICE 9/11: Con Air Suite 450 mentors – Marcy, Dorhn and Obama

Belief  JUSTICE call signs triggered attacks on 9/11 by Con Air's private-key access to Suite 450 virtual war rooms mentored by Kristine Marcy, Bernardine Dorhrn and Michelle Obama.

Suite 450 extortion of NIST, SBA and FBI - Controlled demolition of WTC#7

Belief Bruce McConnell used Suite 450, Bank One public-key comms. wire credit Con Air saboteurs, control demolition WTC#7, contract SBA 8(a) to destroy evidence, extort FBI, NIST cover up.

Bank One 9/11 – How McConnell wired Obama for Rezko contract hits

Belief Bruce McConnell, Bank One public-key network wire credit to Con Air contract hit teams recruited by Rezko; launder insurance through tax shelters Women @ Sidley associates Michelle Obama.

Michelle `Con Air' Obama – The private key to a public treason

Belief Michelle Obama, Women @ Sidley extorted custody private key to Con Air public-key infrastructure - treasonous procurements of U.S. Marshals communications used by al-Qaeda on 9/11.

Marcy hired Osama to hide treason of Obama

Belief Suite 450 Marcy hired Osama-jacker decoy actors to play 2001 ConAir war games, allegedly scripted by Obama Women @ Sidley to hide treason on U.S. with droned Boeings, Raytheon A-3

Bank One tax shelters for Marcy Marshals, gives Obama the means to kill

Belief Bank One tax shelters hire contract hit teams from U.S. Marshals ConAir founder Kristine Marcy; give Michelle Obama and Women@Sidley Chicago means to kill enemies, blame victims

Marcy's U.S. Marshals and Sidley murder for hire

Belief ConAir Kristine Marcy, Women @ Sidley Bernardine Dohrn and Michelle Obama launched murder for hire in `80s infiltrating agents into U.S. Marshal services paid with prisoners, aliens money

Marcy's Suite 450 and the Molten Metal Plasma Bomb

Belief ConAir founder, SBA 1998-9/11, Kristine Marcy equipped Suite 450 associates and clients with molten metal plasma bombs to spoliate evidence of murder-for-hire and `green' surety-bond frauds.

1301 K Street NW, Suite 450 – Her call sign is JUSTICE – The motive is murder

Belief ConAir founder, SBA (1998-9/11) Marcy using JUSTICE call sign to activate virtual war rooms and conceal murder-for-hire by virtual offices on 4th floor 1301 K Street NW, Washington D.C.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Marcy's JUSTICE call sign cleared bin Laden flights to leave

Belief Marcy JUSTICE call sign initiated war games for McConnell LLC clients and cleared bin Laden agents to leave on JUSTICE Prisoner and Alien Transport System launched by Marcy 1995. 

Marcy's 8(a) aliens flew ConAir 9/11

Belief SBA COO 2001, Kristine Marcy, contracted 8(a) firms to build bomb-laden droned planes for war games; hired aliens through Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System for `ConAir 9/11'.

McConnell public key triggers Con-Air Marcy bombs

Belief Bruce McConnell supplied public key used to remotely trigger bombs built by 8(a) saboteurs traveling on Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System launched by Kristine ConAir Marcy in 1995.

Arbitraged demolitions and the NAPAWASH Conspiracy

Belief after June 01 war game, Kristine Marcy COO U.S. SBA sold demolition surety bonds to Napawash insiders who may have profited from arbitraged demolition of U.S. command centers 9/11.

How Obama hired HUBZone hit teams to encrypt an Osama myth

How Michelle Obama, Women@Sidley associates hired HUBZone hit teams; encrypt Osama myth for public-key infrastructure partners of Kristine Marcy COO Small Business Administration, 1998- 9/11

Encrypted sedition in Sister Marcy's HUBZones

Kristine Marcy's brother, Field McConnell, believes she and McConnell LLC in a seditious conspiracy, allegedly built an encrypted network for 8(a) saboteurs in HUBZones to conceal attacks on U.S. Government

Auchi MindBox - Burlingame died - Ballistics lied

Belief Nadhmi Auchi used MindBox loan-for-surety to take custody of drones, kill Chic Burlingame on 9/11, extort SBA, DoJ, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization into lying about the cause of death.

Kerry mentors supply Sidley women with HUBZone death squads

Belief Kerry mentors supplied Women@Sidley, Bernadine Dohrn with HUBZone death squads to kill rivals/whistleblowers such as Gerald DeConto in Pentagon U.S. Naval Command Center 9/11.

McConnell and Marcy's private keys to HUBZone 9/11?

Bruce McConnell, Kristine Marcy custody of public key encryption for G&C HUBZone drones; 9/11 targets losses tax shelters forKPMG/Women@Sidley Who held private keys to HUBZone 9/11?

KPMG encrypts the HUBZone while Sidley commits the treason

Belief KPMG bought public key encryption from McConnell for DoD/HUBZone proteges while treasonous `Women @ Sidley' bought private keys to guide HUBZone drones in 9/11 attacks

Sidley six pack of Auchi drones for Obama 9/11

Belief Paribas shareholder Nadhmi Auchi bought 6 pack of airborne drones for 9/11 through Sidley Austin tax shelters set up by terrorist Bernardine Dohrn and her protégé Michelle Obama (SA 1988-91).

Nauchi-Rezko sureties for Obama 9/11

Belief after Amalgam Virgo June 1 01, Michelle Obama used Sidley Austin tax shelters to buy illegally-modified Boeing deployed on 9/11 from SBA sureties controlled by Nadhmi Auchi and Tony Rezko.

Amalgam Virgo contract frauds point to war-game maestro Marcy

Belief Amalgam Virgo contract fraud June, points to war game maestro who transferred droned Boeing aircraft used on 9/11 into a surety-bonded HUBZone network built for Kristine Marcy.

Kerry's HUBZone financed Marcy treason

Belief John Kerry sponsored HUBZone lending to finance contract killers directed by SBA Chief Operating Officer Kristine Marcy and fly illegally-modified Boeing aircraft in treason attempt 9/11.

Marcy Movies: `Sister Cain and Brother Abel' and 'Weatherwomen 9/11'

Invites Kristine Marcy help in "Sister Cain and Brother Abel", "Weatherwomen 9/11" movie scripts; link 'Seven Days in May', 9/11, HUBZone network, SBA-Sidley Austin, Bernardine Dohrn

Sidley-Marcy surety bonds conceal Druyun contract hits?

Asks V-P Cheney if Sidley Austin mentors, Kristine Marcy, SBA surety bonds conceal contract hits procured by Darleen Druyun, ex U.S. Air Force Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition ..

Was McConnell finger on HUBZone button for Marcy 9/11?

Asks Bruce McConnell finger on button encrypt communications of a 9/11 war game; placed HUBZone protégé weapons under control of racketeering sureties tied to Sidley Austin law firm Kristine Marcy

Climate Change, Carbon Tax and Lessons from the Carboniferous

Climate Change, Carbon Tax and
Lessons from the Carboniferous
For more information please contact:
David Hawkins, Leader of Reform BC: 604-542-0891
Ron Gamble, President of Reform BC: 604-980-7779
 Authorized by Ross Eccles, financial agent, 604-987-9863

HUBZone ICE – Armed guards – May Cattle Congress – Marcy's Waterloo?

Belief HUBZones infiltrated by illegal immigrants; serve DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement as armed guards; National Cattle Congress exercise scheduled May 25, `Marcy's Waterloo?'

Reform BC – Carboniferous recognition of the Campbell carbon fraud

Using data from Carboniferous, Reform BC educational campaign; public recognition fraud by BC Office of Premier Gordon Campbell to 'sell' carbon tax; claim CO2 principal component climate change

Did Whitey bite on HUBZone chaff for a Kerry 9/11?

Did McConnell LLC provide public key encryption to HUBZone generating hijacking `chaff' to disrupt`Whitey' chain of command in 9/11 war game, apparent sponsors by John Kerry Global Guardians

Marcy HUBZone Sky Warrior - Countrywide bombing of America?

Asks if Kristine Marcy organized KPMG-SBA loan auctions; used Countrywide sub-prime mortgages; contract with HUBZone firms; modify Sky Warriors in support of Countrywide bombing America.

Rezko, Marcy and HUBZone genocide

Asks ASBL if Tony Rezko, Kristine Marcy and women mentors of Sidley Austin law firm rigged SBA loan auctions to take control of 8(a) firms; give clients networked support for HUBZone genocide.

Did Marcy's bonded HUBZone give Sidley a license to kill?

Asks ASBL to investigate fex-SBA COO Kristine Marcy, fraudulent loan auctions and bonded HUBZone communities; may have given women mentors at Sidley Austin a license to kill

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Does Obama know reason for HUBZone treason?

Asks if Michelle Obama knows public-key encryption manipulated during 9/11 war game; bomb-laden drones appear to have been deployed by HUBZone protégé companies against Boeing/DoD

Kerry-Marcy racketeering and HUBZone contract hits

Belief John Kerry, Kristine Marcy building HUBZone in 1997; used racketeering SBA loan auctions and 8(a) database to hire contract killers to `hit' enemies and rivals and/or potential whistleblowers.

Did Sister Marcy sell the weapons? Did Obama conceal the bombs?

Asks if Kristine Marcy sold missile-gyroscope molten-metal weapon technology at SBA loan auctions; allowed Women@Sidley groups led by M. Obama to conceal bombs on Boeing planes for 9/11.

McConnell deputy project managers for Weatherwomen 9/11?

Asks if Bruce McConnell supplied public key encryption to women deputy project managers and helped `Weatherwomen' infiltrate 8(a)groups and coordinate 9/11 attack presently attributed to al-Qaeda.

Marcy's linguistic role play in al-Qaeda 8(a) war games

Belief Kristine Marcy used money from SBA 8(a) loan auctions to hire linguistic role players and project managers for the bogus `al-Qaeda' war games of 2001.

Yeslam bin Lendin - Marcy loan auctions for McConnell 9/11?

Asks if Yeslam bin Laden Carlyle financed 9/11 loan auction staged by SBA Kristine Marcy secured with public key encryption by Bruce McConnell Chief of Information Policy OMB 1985 - 2000

9/11 passwords to Ogilvy war game or McConnell treason

Asks Kristine Marcy if McConnell Int. supplied password access to the SBA Office of Surety Guarantees and allowed clients to `bet' on a treasonous 9/11 war-game project owned by Ogilvy PR.

Marcy mentors - Ogilvy myth - `Al-Qaeda' brand

Belief al-Qaeda brand created for diversified terrorist group after SBA COO Kristine Marcy supplied 8(a) database to mentors 9/11 war game, Ogilvy staged mythical (?) protégé attacks on America.

Marcy's al-Qaeda database - Mineta alibi - Lockheed contract hits

Belief Ms. Marcy provided a password 8(a) `al-Qaeda' database service to Mineta, giving ex-Lockheed Martin director an alibi to act as war-game mentor while paying protégés for 9/11 contract hits.

McConnell time-expiry passwords in mentor-protégé murders

Belief Bruce McConnell time-expiry passwords to 8(a) networks; mentors/protégés switch prime contractor roles in war game, kill targets, return to prior, camouflaged, state on expiry of passwords

Lynne Cheney's `lesbian' script for Lockheed 8(a) 9/11?

Asks if ex-Lockheed Martin director Lynne Cheney wrote `lesbian' script for 9/11 war game where 8(a) password-enabled lesbians killed POTUS/V-P and ran country with like-minded women in EU.

FEMA 8(a) Mayday: Lockheed Martin passwords, McConnell murder for hire

Request DHS Jay Cohen, Ms. Marcy help Jack Stockwell qualify risks of FEMA exercise May 1-8; Lockheed passwords to 8(a) murder for hire, allegedly operated for McConnell Int. clients.

QRS 11 backtrack – SBA loan frauds – Marcy Sisterhood – Hensley treason

Backtracking QRS11 gyroscope weapons to SBA loan fraud by Marcy Sisterhood, allegedly launched in `70s by Field McConnell sister with apparently treasonous Theta associates Cindy Hensley

FAA Mentor-Protégé - McConnell murder for hire

Belief Bruce McConnell encryption services to `Weatherwomen-owned?' clients; conceals SBA 8(a) loan fraud, DoD NASA FAA Mentor-Protégé; murder-for-hire of airline pilots, crews, passengers

Marcy 8(a) terror cell links Kazsincky, McVeigh, Yousef to AMEC 9/11

Belief Kristine Marcy sent KaczynskiMcVeigh, Yousef to supermax prison unwittingly created 8(a) terror cell used by AMEC, Women Owned Small Businesses for murder, SBA loan fraud 9/11

New date APRIL 29 KTKK Stockwell 'Marcy prime contractor for al-Qaeda

Change of date notice - Proposed topic, 'Marcy prime contractor for al-Qaeda contract hits' Tuesday, 7-9 am MT, April 29, 2008, Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630)

McConnell and U.N. launder money through 8(a) death squads

Belief McConnell UN launder money through 8(a) death squads recruited by private prison operators, hired as disadvantaged small-business owners SBA loans pay contract hits victim life insurance