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Marcy 8(a) terror cell links Kazsincky, McVeigh, Yousef to AMEC 9/11

Belief Kristine Marcy sent KaczynskiMcVeigh, Yousef to supermax prison unwittingly created 8(a) terror cell used by AMEC, Women Owned Small Businesses for murder, SBA loan fraud 9/11

Open e-mail sent April 25, 2008 for attention:
Kristine Marcy, Homeland Security Team, McConnell International 
Field McConnell USNA '71 and David Hawkins,
Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE 
Copies for reference:
Thomas Gribben, Chief Inspector, 
SBA Office of Inspector General (OIG). 
Yolanda Gibson-Michaels, V. Director, No Fear Coalition, ygmichaels@...Katheryn R. Stell, Sidley Austin Director of Diversity (LGBT) kstell@... Jack Stockwell jack@...
Dear Ms. Marcy:
Marcy 8(a) terror cell links Kazsincky, McVeigh, Yousef to AMEC 9/11
Hawks CAFE believes you sent expert bomb builders, Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh and Ramzi Yousef to a supermax prison in Colorado and you perhaps unwittingly, created the `8(a) terror cell' contracted by AMEC Facchina-McGaughan and `Women Owned Small Business' networks for multiple acts of murder, sabotage and SBA loan fraud on 9/11.     
"Facchina-McGaughan, LLC, acting as AMEC, was the sole contractor responsible for management of the demolition, debris removal and reconstruction of the area destroyed by terrorists. Actually, the capabilities of Facchina-McGaughan, LLC, acting as AMEC, were displayed at the Pentagon before, during and after the attack, for Facchina-McGaughan, LLC, acting as AMEC, had just finished a project to strengthen and renovate one section, called Wedge 1. In the original Wedge One renovation, steel reinforcing beams were bolted together, floor to floor, to form a continuous unit, walls were lined with a strong fibrous material to trap exterior wall fragmentation from explosions and blast-resistant glass nearly two inches thick was used in the windows."

See AMEC-KPMG's role in the 9/11 attacks at the "Pattern of the Times" video ..
 "The United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) in Florence, CO. is a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, USA ..  unofficially known as ADX FlorenceFlorence ADMAXSupermax, or The Alcatraz of the Rockies .. operated by thefederal government ..  part of the Florence Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) .. houses  prisoners ..  deemed the most dangerous and in need of the tightest control .. opened in November 1994. The residents in Florence's surrounding area, Fremont County .. raise $160,000 to purchase 600 acres (2.4 km²) for the new prison ..  Construction  cost over $60 million .. recent reports allege that security at ADX Florence is less than optimal, specifically in the monitoring of prisoners' communications. A Justice Department inquiry was initiated when an ADX inmate, Mohammed Salameh, was caught by Spanish authorities sending letters to a terror cell with links to suspects in the 2004 Madrid Train Bombings. More recently, two inmates, members of the Aryan Brotherhood, were convicted ofconspiracy charges that included instigating the murder of two African-American prisoners at a Pennsylvania prison by sending secret messages written in grapefruit juice. In 2006 gangster Ruben Castro was served a federal indictment for continuing to run his Los Angeles drug gang from within his ADX cell .. List of prisoners at ADX Florence Omar Abdel-Rahman, 34892-054, Islamist terrorist, nicknamed 'The Blind Sheik'; involved in World Trade Center bombing planning in 1993 Anthony 'Gaspipe' Casso, 16802-050, mobster and former underboss of the Lucchese crime family Wadih el-Hage, 42393-054, conspirator in the 1998 United States embassy bombings Robert Hanssen, 48551-083, FBI agent; convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia Larry Hoover, 86063-024, leader of the Gangster Disciples Nation based in Chicago Theodore Kaczynski, 04475-046, the 'Unabomber David Lane (deceased), 12873-057, Neo-Nazi leader, involvement in Alan Berg's murder John Walker Lindh, 45426-083, dubbed 'The American Taliban Juan Matta-Ballesteros, 37671-133, drug trafficker, co-conspirator in Enrique Camarena case Zacarias Moussaoui51427-054, conspirator in the September 11, 2001 attacks Terry Nichols, 08157-031, Oklahoma City Bombing conspirator  Richard Colvin Reid, 24079-038,Islamist terrorist, 'Shoe Bomber' Eric Robert Rudolph, 18282-058, Christian Identity terrorist, Olympic Park bomber .. Ramzi Yousef, 03911-000, Islamist terrorist, 1993 World Trade Center bombing  Timothy McVeigh (deceased), Oklahoma City Bombing (executed on June 11, 2001)  Kenneth 'Supreme' McGriff, 26301-053, an American drug trafficker and organized crime figure. H. Rap Brown, 99974-555, former civil rights activist convicted of murdering a Georgia sheriff deputy. Francisco Javier Arellano-Felix, 00677-748,Tijuana Cartel leader.  Thomas Silverstein, 14634-116, convicted of murdering guard Merle Clutts  Luis Felipe, 14067-074, founder of the New York chapter of the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation  Howard 'Pappy' Mason, 24651-053, drug trafficker who ordered the murder of police officer Eddie ByrneBarry Mills, leading member of the Aryan Brotherhood."
In the context of SBA 8(a) loan frauds through apparent use of Supermax terror cells by prime contractors such as AMEC Facchina-McGaughan or small business subcontractors, we have forwarded a copy of this e-mail to Thomas Gribben, Chief Inspector at the SBA Office of Inspector General (OIG).
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971, Forensic Economist fbi@... or avalonbeef@... Astana, Kazakhstan  28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety

David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891 Leader, Reform Party of British Columbia, Former oil industry operating engineer; Blow-out specialist, safety officer, trouble shooting, 15 years experience explosives, incendiaries, radioactive materials
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  'Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians'
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 5810
"Marcy 8(a) terror cell links Kazsincky, McVeigh, Yousef to AMEC 9/11
"Asil Services, INC., (ASI), is a full service general contractor and management services company .. certified as a SBA 8(a) Native American Women Owned Small Business.  Established in 1987 ..  evolved from an Insurance Restoration and Home Remodeling company to a full service general contractor and management services company .. both Government and Commercial space ..  can fulfill both small and large contracts through our extensive pool of qualified, security cleared (if needed), experienced personnel .. corporate office and support facility in WoodbridgeVirginia .. 25 miles from the U.S. Capitol, 29 miles from Washington InternationalAirport .. Government construction opportunities in these dynamic times have provided ASI with the opportunity to address contracts at all levels.  Additionally, the war on terrorism has created many demands for anti-terrorism and force protection construction  .. Base Realignment and Closure legislation ..  opportunity to enter into a wide spectrum of projects in joint ventures with our strategic partners ..  pursuing business opportunities at over a hundred government and military facilities from Maryland to the largest naval base in the world at NorfolkVirginia.  The marketing strategy for the next five years is oriented towards using our SBA 8(a) status to increase our exposure to government opportunities .. 4. Strong subcontractors and suppliers ..  developing long term relationships with highly talented subcontractors and suppliers in our area of operations … ASI ..  strong alliances with strategic partners ..  competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing other services or personnel on contract opportunities. As part of the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) business development mentor-protégé program, Facchina Construction Company serves as our certified mentor .. ASI partnered with the following companies .. original and primary profit center in the Facchina Group of Companies ..  FCC .. successful construction projects in the Washington Metro and Baltimore markets.  FCC serves as our SBA Certified Mentor .. Professional general contracting firm that unites the strengths of two outstanding leaders in the construction field and their organizations ..  with principals: Paul V. Facchina Sr., founder and CEO of the Facchina Group of Companies, and A.S. McGaughan, who headed AMEC Construction Management Inc.'s successful Southeastern Division. .. Facchina Global Services, LLC (FGS) .. Headquartered in La PlataMD, FGS's leading objective is to provide the finest experts in Information Technology, Information Assurance, and System Security.
Industrial and Special Security, Intelligence Collections Planning and Management and Intelligence Analysis to members of the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense." 

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