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QRS 11 backtrack – SBA loan frauds – Marcy Sisterhood – Hensley treason

Backtracking QRS11 gyroscope weapons to SBA loan fraud by Marcy Sisterhood, allegedly launched in `70s by Field McConnell sister with apparently treasonous Theta associates Cindy Hensley

Open e-mail sent April 28, 2008 for attention:
Bruce McConnell, President and founder of McConnell International, LLC
Field McConnell USNA '71 and David Hawkins,
Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE 
fbi@... avalonbeef@...
Copies for reference:
Thomas Gribben, Chief Inspector, SBA Office of Inspector General (OIG). 
Yolanda Gibson-Michaels, V. Director, No Fear Coalition, ygmichaels@...
Katheryn R. Stell, Sidley Austin Director of Diversity (LGBT) kstell@...
Dr. Jack Stockwell jack@...

Dear Mr. McConnell:

QRS 11 backtrack – SBA loan frauds – Marcy Sisterhood – Hensley treason
Hawks CAFE is backtracking the unlawful development of QRS11 gyroscope weapons to SBA loan frauds by the `Marcy Sisterhood', a radical women's group, allegedly launched in the `70s by Field McConnell's sister, Kristine Marcy, with her apparently treasonous associates inKappa Alpha Theta, including Cindy Lou Hensley McCain.
"Riadys pursued .. Bill Clinton because of his political status, and Hillary did legal work for them during her days at the Rose Law Firm. Riady's first business venture in Arkansas was Lippo Finance & Investment Inc., purchased with a SBA (Small Business Administration) loan. Because Riady was a foreign national, he could not chair the company; Riady hired Vernon Weaver (President Carter's former SBA administrator) for the position. 'Weaver listed then-governor Bill Clinton as a character reference in his application to the SBA .. In 1984, Lippo and Stephens joined forces to buy a 30 percent stake in Worthen Bank Corp. One of Worthen's stockholders during this period was lawyer Joseph Giroir, who was then managing partner at the Rose Law Firm. Also present at the firm were Hillary Clinton, Webster Hubbell, and the late Vincent Foster .. John Huang first met Mochtar and James Riady 'at a financial seminar in Little Rock in 1980 ...  In April of 1993, Huang attended a meeting with 'Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown and 40 Asian community leaders in Los Angeles to discuss most-favored-nation trade status for China and the normalization of relations with Vietnam." .. Huang took a leave of absence from the Commerce Department on December 3, 1995; however, he did not officially depart until January 17, 1996.  He maintained his security clearance and received briefings until that time.  Further, Ira Sockowitz, an aide to Commerce General Counsel Ginger Ehn Lew, was investigated for removing sensitive documents from the Commerce Department after he and Lew moved to SBA.  Sockowitz admitted to removing the documents, which were reportedly being held for John Huang [at the SBA!!!]  They include:  'A classified CIA report on Russian economic development. Classified, but unidentified, documents from the NSC and the Commerce Department.  A National Security Agency study of the international market for computer software with encryption. Classified Commerce memos regarding a communications satellite project .. File folders on ChinaRussiaBosniaCroatiaIndia and Turkey.' During his 1992 presidential campaign, then Governor Clinton promised to receive a 'full accounting' of our POW/MIAs (Prisoners of War/Missing in Action) from Vietnam .. In September of 1993, Riady led a trade mission of Asian bankers to Vietnam, later establishing offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The only thing standing in his way was the status of U.S. trade relations with Vietnam .. According to Commerce Department records, from the moment of his arrival at Commerce, John Huang launched a vigorous internal campaign to influence foreign trade policies withIndonesiaChina, and Vietnam. On July 19, 1994, he scheduled a 9 a.m. meeting on 'U.S.-Vietnam policy.' 'According to his personal appointment calendars…Huang met several times with White House officials, key friends and associates of Mr. Clinton, international bankers, and corporate executives to discuss an expansion of trade ties with Vietnam….In July of 1995, President Clinton fully normalized relations with Vietnam. Riady, his partners, and his Chinese connections enjoyed huge financial rewards. The POW/MIAs still remain unaccounted for and Clinton's 'promise' was forgotten." .. "BEI ELECTRONICS Mr. Giroir began serving as a Director in June 1997 prior to the Distribution and spin-off of the Company from Electronics in September 1997 .. From 1965 to 1988, Mr. Giroir was a member of Rose Law Firm [and Hillary's boss] Mr. Giroir holds ..  L.L.M. from Georgetown University .. '…BEI Technologies, Inc. was created 1997 through a spin-off from BEI Electronics, Inc. The principal continuing business within BEI Technologies is that of BEI Sensors & Systems Company, Inc., an established manufacturer (for 20+ years) of sensors, motors and related products for automation ..  Commercial sales have grown at a 12% compounded rate since 1992 .. BEI has recently expanded its production of micromachined quartz yaw rate sensors used in advanced vehicle stability control systems. BEI also manufactures electronic steering wheel position sensors, seat-memory modules, throttle position and pressure sensors and other devices used in automotive systems. GyroChip(R) is a registered trademark of BEI Sensors & Systems Company…."

"From 1996 to 1998, Ms. Lew Deputy Administrator and Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Small Business Administration where she provided day to day management and operational oversight of a $42 billion loan portfolio.  Before joining SBA, Ms. Lew was General Counsel at U.S. Department of Commerce, and specialized in technology and international trade from 1993 to 1996." .. "Sockowitz got documents on satellite encryptions from Hoyt Zia, chief counsel for Commerce's Bureau of Export Administration. Zia is a former Democratic National  Committee fund-raiser and close friend of Huang. In May '96, Sockowitz's boss, Lew, moved to the Small Business Administration. He followed as her senior adviser on May 27. Three days after he moved to the SBA, Commerce OK'd a Sensitive Compartmentalized Information clearance for Sockowitz, a level above top secret. It let Sockowitz view the government's most tightly classified papers on encryption. Sockowitz didn't get an SBA top-secret clearance until July 29. The agency never gave him SCI. Sockowitz returned to Commerce for a visit on Aug. 2, 1996. While his successor there, Jeffrey May, was out of the office, Sockowitz removed 136 files from his old safe. He told a secretary only that he was gathering some personal items. Sockowitz wasn't debriefed when he left Commerce, something that would have required him to return any classified papers he held. Commerce says Sockowitz violated his clearance by not returning the files. But Sockowitz says his clearance traveled with him to the SBA and that nothing in the security manual prevented him from taking files. Sockowitz also says he never disclosed the papers and they never left his possession. He claims he needed the files for his SBA job. But the SBA told the conservative weekly Human Events that it knew of no projects that Sockowitz was working on that involved encryption, remote-sensing satellites or China. Sockowitz left the SBA In November '96. Again. he was not debriefed."
"In April of last year, Boeing were hit with a record fine of $615 million after the company broke the law by selling commercial planes equipped with the QRS-11 gyrochip, which is also used in the guidance system of the Maverick missile. According to the Associated Press, from 2000 to 2003 Boeing shipped 94 airliners oversees, mainly to China, that contained the chip, a device used for 'military applications,' stated the report. McConnell says he has evidence that 'The QRS11 trail leads back to Communist China's funding of the second Clinton presidential run and then to Joe Giroir and Hillary Clinton, former partners at the Rose Law Firm, and finally the crime of Arkancide and the death of Ron Brown,' and that 'The Iridium satellite system used to steer electronically-hijacked jets fitted with QRS11 gyroscopes on 9/11 was probably commanded from virtual and physical war rooms embedded in Canada Steamship Lines vessels built by China for CAI-Carlyle Canada [Hensley's principal private equity partner and principal  lender to the Alvarez-Marcy SBA 8(a) loan program inherited by Hector Baretto on 9/11]"… "Alvarez quickly aligned herself with minority businesses .. shortly after  sworn in by Vice President Al Gore .. strongly focus  SBA on lending billions of dollars to small businesses owned by women, African Americans, native Alaskans, and Native Americans. In late 1997, she told the Chicago Tribune SBA must 'increase the number of loan guarantees to these groups, just as the agency has toward Hispanic-owned businesses.'  Intention by year 2000, Hispanic-owned businesses will have received  $2.5 billion in guaranteed loans." … "AmCham Egypt ..  hosted Aida Alvarez, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) administrator, in the Aida Ballroom at the Cairo Marriott Hotel .. nominated to be the first director of the office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, and she established regulatory oversight of two housing finance companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which form the core of the trillion-dollar secondary mortgage market. Alvarez received an Emmy nomination for her coverage of 'The Morazan Diary,' the guerrilla activities during the war in El Salvador. She is the first Hispanic woman and the first Puerto Rican in any president's cabinet" .. " OIG issued a report on "Critical Issues Facing the SBA" in May 1997 .. based on prior OIG audit, inspection, and investigative work. They covered a broad range of SBA program areas, including business loans, disaster assistance loans, minority enterprise development, government contracting, small business development centers, surety bond, and agency management and financial activities .. Over the next two months, she and deputy administrator Ginger Lew held two lengthy sessions with IG Hoobler and the OIG executive team to discuss in detail the report and its recommended actions ..  During the summer of 1997, SBA OIG distributed the critical issues report to SBA's external stakeholders. In addition to OMB, recipients included the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs; the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight; the Senate and House Committees on Small Business; and the Senate and House Appropriations Subcommittees on Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies. In these transmittals, IG Hoobler stated that Administrator Alvarez's actions in discussing the issues and considering OIG's recommendations was "an important first step towards program reform and molding SBA into a model financial credit agency." (Letter from James F. Hoobler to Senator Fred Thompson, Chairman, Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, July 14, 1997.)
Our Abel Danger counter-intelligence team has determined that McConnell International's clients financed development of a QRS 11 weapons guidance and 8(a) database system  used in the `al-Qaeda' 9/11 attack having paid Ms. Marcy and Ms. Hensley to sabotage any loan-fraud investigations by the newly-appointed SBA administrator, Hector Barreto.
"SBA in shambles Barreto leaves legacy of abuse, fraud and plummeting morale By Lloyd Chapman Saturday, June 3, 2006 The five-year reign of outgoing SBA Administrator Hector Barreto has left the agency a gutted shell of what it was when he took office in 2001. The SBA's dismal performance under Barreto's leadership has been chronicled in 10 federal investigations and two private studies that uncovered fraud, abuse and lack of proper oversight in virtually every major Small Business Administration program. And, as Barreto allowed the SBA's operating budget and staff to be cut every year, a government wide survey showed that the morale of SBA employees plummeted to the lowest level of any federal agency. Barreto has drawn the ire of both houses of Congress and Republicans and Democrats alike. The small-business committees in both the House and Senate have grown accustomed to the false and misleading information he delivers on SBA performance. New York Rep. Nydia Velasquez was so angered by Barreto's attempts to mislead Congress that she publicly accused him of 'being dishonest' in a congressional hearing last year. A 2003 Government Accountability Office investigation found that Barreto had allowed federal small-business statistics to be inflated by reporting billions of dollars in contracts to large companies as small-business awards. After a subsequent congressional hearing on the matter, the SBA was forced to remove the names of 600 large businesses from its PRO-NET database, which at that time was the main source for government procurement officers to find small business contractors. A 2004 report commissioned by the SBA Office of Advocacy found Barreto had permitted awards to firms such as Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman to be reported as small-business contracts. The same report found 'vendor deception'- another term for fraud - was one reason for the illegal contracting activity. Barreto has refused to address the abuses. In 2005, the SBA's own Office of Inspector General issued four reports that documented continuing cases of fraud and abuse. Report 5-15 stated, 'One of the most important challenges facing the Small Business Administration and the entire federal government today is that large businesses are receiving small-business procurement awards and agencies are receiving credit for these awards.' Still, Barreto refused to take any action to address the problems. Report 5-14 found that during Barreto's tenure, the SBA had falsified its own small business contracting statistics by reporting millions in awards to large businesses as small business contracts. In one instance, the SBA reported a large contract to Buhrmann NV - a Dutch firm with 18,000 employees worldwide - as a small-business award. Report 5-16 found Barreto had allowed large businesses to receive millions in federal small-business contracts through 'false certifications'. Report 5-20 found that under Barreto's guidance, the SBA had failed to properly monitor major federal 'bundled' contracts to allow small companies a more equitable opportunity to compete for government business. In a failed attempt to protect the SBA's dubious small-business contracting statistics, Barreto directed SBA attorneys to fight Freedom of Information Act requests that could prove the SBA had intentionally manipulated the numbers. The SBA lost two FOIA cases to the American Small Business League and, in both instances, it was forced to release information that proved the agency had extensive knowledge of fraud and abuse in the system. Barreto's refusal to implement the women's procurement program that Congress enacted in 2000 has cost women entrepreneurs well over $33 billion in lost contracting opportunities. Frustrated with his lack of action, the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce successfully sued the SBA in order to compel Barreto to take action. A Sept. 12, 2005, story by The Associated Press reported that the 9/11 disaster-recovery loan program had been completely mishandled and that less than 11 percent of the loans approved had actually gone to firms in New York. In 2006, the SBA Office of Inspector General issued Report 6-15, which revealed the SBA has mismanaged the 8(a) contracting program to the point where it is rife with fraud and abuse. The Government Accountability Office released an additional report on abuse by Alaska Native Corporations in the 8(a) program that the SBA allowed through a significant lack of oversight. Budget cuts and staff layoffs during Barreto's term resulted in a dramatic loss of knowledgeable and experienced staff. After the Gulf Coast hurricanes last year, the SBA was forced to take on thousands of temporary workers to compensate for the severe lack of experienced employees. Furthermore, the gulf loan program has been so poorly handled that thousands of small-business owners have been forced into bankruptcy because they have been unable to get timely financial help. While Barreto has frequently touted record numbers of loans approved for hurricane victims, the reality is that only a small percentage of the loans have actually been dispersed. The New Orleans Times-Picayune cited a recent study by a post-Katrina advocacy group that found only about 21 percent of small businesses had received any assistance. A recent article in Inc. magazine labeled Barreto 'the disappointment' in the Bush administration. SBA insiders have acknowledged that he was forced to resign after the White House determined Barreto's handling of the SBA was a public relations nightmare and an embarrassment to President Bush. Barreto's removal as head of a federal agency to run a small and obscure Hispanic lobbying group marks a dismal end to his troubled political career. Lloyd Chapman is president and founder of the American Small Business League. The ASBL monitors existing policies and proposed policy changes by the Small Business Administration and other federal agencies that affect its members. © Rocky Mountain News."
In the context of Ms. Marcy and Ms. Hensley's apparently-fraudulent use of the SBA's loan, encryption and 8(a) weapons-development services, we have sent a copy of this e-mail to Thomas Gribben, Chief Inspector at the SBA Office of Inspector General.  
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971, Forensic Economist fbi@... or avalonbeef@... Astana, Kazakhstan  28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety

David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891 Leader, Reform Party of British Columbia, Former oil industry operating engineer; Blow-out specialist, safety officer, trouble shooting, 15 years experience explosives, incendiaries, radioactive materials
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  'Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians'
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 5810
"QRS 11 backtrack – SBA loan frauds – Marcy Sisterhood – Hensley treason"
"DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, OVERVIEW January, 1993 [POTUS 42] President Clinton takes office.  Clinton signs Presidential Decision Directive 2 (PDD 2) that approved a National Security Council (NSC) decision-making system that enlarged the membership of the NSC. The new membership of the NSC included the Treasury Secretary, the U.S. Representative to the U.N., the Asst. to the President for National Security Affairs, the Asst. to the President for Economic Policy, and the Chief of Staff to the President. Although not a member, the Attorney General would be invited to attend meetings pertaining to his jurisdiction. The President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense are members of the NSC as prescribed by law. The CIA director and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also attend its meetings.  February, 1993 Bomb explodes in garage beneath the World TradeCenter in New York City. Six people die. The FBI eventually arrests a group of Arab men led by Ramzi Yousef for the crime. Yousef is convicted in 1994. March, 1993 Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno decide jointly to fire all U.S. attorneys at Justice Department effective immediately. April, 1993 Former chairman of the Rose Law Firm, Joseph Giroir, incorporates the Arkansas International Development Corporation to bring Mochtar Riady's Lippo Group together with American companies looking to do business in Indonesia and China. Clinton gives Mochtar Riady's son James Riady and Lippo employee John Huang tour of White House on the same day over 80 people die at Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. This is their fifth visit in only a week. Janet Reno would later take responsibility for the deaths. James Riady escorts governor of JakartaIndonesia to East Wing of White House. White House officials provide no details of the meeting.  May, 1993 The White House fires the Travel Office staff following a review by White House Associate Counsel William Kennedy III, a former member of the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. Kennedy attempted to involve the FBI and IRS in a criminal investigation of the Travel Office without first consulting the Justice Department. July, 1993Clinton fires FBI Director William Sessions at the behest of Reno. This is the first and only time in American history that a president would fire the head of the FBI.  The FBI obtains a warrant to search the Little Rock office of David Hale.  White House Counsel, boyhood friend of Bill, and former Hillary Rose Law Firm partner, Vince Foster, is found dead at Ft. Marcy Park in Virginia."

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