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The Criminal Pattern of 9/11 (Pattern of the Crimes, Part 1)

The Criminal Pattern of 911
(Pattern of the Crimes, Part 1)

Note: “The pattern of the enterprise has been identified, and developed, by the Forensic Economists of Hawks CAFÉ (Citizens Association of Forensic Economists).”

The five events have five coordinated, operational functions.
-         To spot, and track a target.
-         To shoot, or rather videotape the attack for future use.
-         To snuff, and destroy a target by various weapons.
-         To spin, the event, using the media to cast false testimony on the innocent.
-         To spoil, conclusions, adding or removing evidence, to support the spin, to change public perception of the hit.

This pattern has been seen before, where an assassination is performed in the public view (JFK assassination). Evidence is removed, witnesses are silenced, stories are spun, commissions issue incomplete reports.
The five events employed very special weapons not easily commandeered, yet all can be connected to the same criminal enterprise, by the pattern of the enterprise, and the execution of the functions of the pattern. It can be said confidently, that for all the attacks to be part of an international criminal activity performed in plain view on the national stage, it would require years of preparation, during previous administrations of the United States government, to put such an enterprise in place, well in advance of the day of execution of the operation.
It would without a doubt, take a professional level of knowledge, of the secure operations of American and Canadian military and commercial airspace. Under the administration of Bill Clinton, Dr. John Deutch “lost” 14,000 pages of classified CIA files, while using them at his home. Clinton pardoned him on his way to the Bush inauguration, less than an hour before leaving office. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili, rewrote new operational orders, allowing for a handover of American airspace to the “red team” attackers, in the June air-war-game of 2001, Amalgam Virgo.
But Amalgam Virgo was also supported with inappropriate UNMOVIC (United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission) weapons inspectors, funded with 100 million dollars provided by Saddaam Hussein. It is now clear why. As an information gathering opportunity, it paved the way to transfer the knowledge for “Global Guardian”, another bigger war-game in September.
It would take having correct encryption keys to break into military com links and nodes. Under the Clinton administration, Bruce McConnell gave our encryption key codes to foreign powers, allowing penetration of our secure communication systems, to acquire targets, track them, and eliminate them; and the covert monitoring of cell phone communications by Al-Qaeda and others using Iridium. Iridium is the system currently being used by the American and British military, managed by Boeing Canada and Macdonald Detwiller and Associates, at the Canadian satellite hub in Gatineau, Quebec.
It would take QRS-11 installed flight control modules for out-of-the-pilots control command of the passenger jets, already in place before their use. Under the Clinton administration, Pentagon procurement officer, Darlene Druyin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili, funded the development of the, QRS-11 triaxial remote guidance system called, JPALS, for the Air Force.
Boeing sold QRS-11 avionics modules embedded in 96 Boeing 737 passenger jets, illegally to China in 2000. In 2002, they were caught by Lufthansa Airlines, after installing these triaxial systems illegally in German passenger jets. Boeing aircraft with this system preinstalled do not need pilots onboard to fly the aircraft.
 It would take a team of thousands to spin and spoliate evidence. Organized labor under the influence of the Montreal based Rizzutto Crime Family provided for this work force of American truckers, American postal workers, American airport security employees, American air traffic controllers, with Montreal Engineering Company employees, by maintaining union bank accounts in Canadian private equity pension funds, out of US oversight, but still able to be awarded clean-up contracts secured through the mayor’s office of emergency management in New York City, the office of the honorable Rudy Giuliani.
This level of knowledge precludes external groups with limited resources, and six days after 9/11, Usama Bin Laden announced he had nothing to do with it. But, this story changed as the Pentagon and CIA began releasing poorly made, unclear images of actors imitating Bin Laden, in follow on terrorist videos. It is evident that a government disinformation campaign had been instituted and used since 9/11 to maintain an official determination of fault.
All the air weapons during Global Guardian were planned as decoy and drone attacks, but the flight paths reveal a curious coincidence. When examining the location of their radical course changes, they occur near military bases participating in the Global Guardian war-game. Flight American Airlines 11 left Logan Airport in Boston and flew northeast, and likely rendezvoused with a weaponized decoy east of the NEADS Center, launched from Griffiss Air force Base in Rome, New York. This is the base that was contacted by the FAA as the go-between to NORAD as the first hijacking was realized.
The weaponized drone was flown with no pilots or passengers, just fuel. Near the target, the actual Americans Airline flight 11 made a rapid left 90 and flew east, out over the Atlantic, while the weaponized drone was filmed hitting the North Tower below the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald’s carbon trading unit CO2e, killing 658 employees. The Naudet brothers were well positioned to film the hit.

Soon to be released: “Pattern of the Crimes, Part 2”

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