Friday, October 15, 2010

Email to the Chicago FBI office about the Weather Underground Terrorist Organization

A question about the Weather Underground

From: *****edited for privacy*****

First I want to say that I'm glad the FBI has "answered the call" to help investigate the apparent (obvious) murder of Gareth Williams over in London

Next I have a question that I hope could be easily answered. 

Background info:

Weather Underground: 
Senate Report: 


Is anyone on the case of Bill and Bernadine Ayers from Chicago, IL
(William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of "The Weather Underground")

Has the FBI given up on, or been ordered to stop investigating the "former" terrorist organization "The Weather Underground"?

If so, is it because of their strong ties to the current president of the US, and his wife, among others?

There is more than enough reason to believe that the "Weathermen" are still in operation, after having gone further "underground", in order to carry out their dreams of a communist/socialist world order. This is only the beginning though, this trail leads us further than one could imagine. 

I invite you to join Hawks CAFE (Abel Danger) in the ongoing investigation into the criminal networks of our world and our nation. 

Good luck, and please review the links below, this is serious and I'm sure you can relate to that. You have our support.  

Check out the audio's section at the Abel Danger site. 

Thank you, 
*****edited for privacy*****

My family history in intelligence:

Grandfather: CIA, FBI
Grandmother: CIA, FBI
Father: NGA

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