Friday, November 5, 2010

Belief Kristine Marcy used KPMG and Bank One tax shelters to build a HUBZone network for Michelle Obama, Bernardine Dohrn and John Kerry

Dear Mr. McConnell and Ms. McGinnis:
Hawks CAFE believes Kristine Marcy used KPMG and Bank One tax shelters to build a HUBZone death squad network for Michelle Obama, Bernardine Dohrn and John Kerry.  

'U.S. Marshals purchase ..  HUBZone .. businesses partners [through SBA Chief Operating Officer, Kristine Marcy]  ..  credit card program ..  with Bank One .. for small buys not exceeding $2,500 .. please contact Bank One at 1-888/297-0781 or via facsimile at 1-888/297-0785 ..  maximize your relationship with  USMS' .. 'Products and Service Purchased by the U. S. Marshals .. Aircraft Charter Services and Lease (JPATS) Aircraft Repair Services and Maintenance (JPATS) ... Guard Services, Armed [Death Squads] and Unarmed (nationwide) .. Judicial Security Systems (nationwide) .. Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies (nationwide) .. Radios, Mobile, Handheld, installation and repair (nationwide) .. Security Equipment (nationwide) .. Tactical Weapons (nationwide) .. Targets (nationwide) .. Weapons (hand-held, automatic, rifles, shotguns) (nationwide)'
"In August, KPMG reached a $456 million deferred-prosecution agreement with prosecutors and admitted criminal wrongdoing over four types of shelters, some of them ones that Deutsche Bank worked on. A smaller German bank, HVB, has also settled with prosecutors ..  Prosecutors are examining how Deutsche Bank helped to make and sell a digital option shelter called Cobra to more than 1,100 wealthy investors around 1999 and 2000, say the people who have been briefed on the inquiry. They are also looking at the bank's similar role in making and selling a close cousin to Cobra known as Homer, named after 'The Simpsons' television character, and sold through Bank One, and at a related shelter called M.L.D., for market-linked deposit." .. " Judge Scheindlin's ruling came on motions to dismiss the second amended complaint in Seippel v. Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, 03 Civ. 6942. The first complaint, which alleged claims including racketeering and excessive fees, was dismissed last year by the judge. The tax shelters at issue involved digital options or swaps in foreign currency, known as COBRA. Alleged misrepresentations about the legality of the shelters were made by Charles Paul of Ernst & Young, but the Seippels charged that Paul was acting on behalf of Deutsche Bank and others, including Brown & Wood, the previous incarnation of Sidley Austin."
Our Abel Danger counter-intelligence team has determined Marcy's Suite 450 partners used tax-sheltered kickbacks from the UN Oil-for-Food Program to payHUBZone firms to fly Con Air drones, demolish buildings and murder nearly 3,000 people on 9/11.

Abel Danger also has evidence Marcy infiltrated HUBZone agents into NIST's National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program in order to disrupt NIST investigations into damage associated with Amec sabotage testing during 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc., PLM LABTempeAZ [200444- 0].
Ignore Foreword but see "Pattern of the Times" video 
"The word Nemesis originally meant the distributor of fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to his deserts; then,nemesis came to suggest the resentment caused by any disturbance of this right proportion, the sense of justice which could not allow it to pass unpunished."
Kristine Marcy's Suite 450 associates flew Con Air planes on 9/11 for Obama clients who used the call sign `JUSTICE' in a sense which will not pass unpunished.|


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