Friday, November 5, 2010

Cirrus, Serco and John McCain produced laser guided bomb used on 9/11

Dear Mr. Rochefort:
Hawks CAFE believes that clients of Cirrus Research Associates, particularly Serco's FAA Contract Tower network, conspired with John `Songbird' McCain to produce the laser guided bomb allegedly deployed in droned aircraft during the Amalgam Virgo war games on June 1-2, 2001 and the al-Qaeda attacks of 9/11.

Here follows some excerpts for our book "Sister Cain and Brother Abel"
"Chips gives Natalya a tongue lashing but undeflected, she asks him to explain what brought down the Willy MD83. He tells her the airport changed its name from Williams to Phoenix after the name `McCain' had been discarded. A vital clue! John `Songbird' McCain and Cindy Lou Hensley, the Songbird's Budweiser-quaffing pilot wife, sponsored the decoy-and-drone maneuvers needed to take out the Pentagon at Willy! McCain, his Hanoi friends and the Chinese PLA commissioned Serco, the Willy FAA contract tower operator to develop the weaponized drones with Con Air at OKC and Cirrus in Canada.Chips then lists the three technologies each of which could have caused the MD 83 to miss. First, the General Dynamics Hydra flare fired from the Apache helo platform that took them to Willy and will now patrol  over the LGBTs at the K Street Sex Club. Second weapon, the drag-and-drop software  inside HUBZone hit teams surveiling targets such as the Amelia's office in D.C.  or the AXA Gallery in New York. Third weapon, the Martec/Thales Mod-10 SMACSONIC which vaporized the retired airliner. Nano asks about G-D, CIRRUS Research and SERCO and the Department of National Defence. Chips tells him to work it out for himself but gives him some clues; a picture of the Goose Bay facility with all the benefits for a private military attack on America through the Songbird Gateway Airport and the phrase "Laser Guided Bombs Turnkey". Natalya gets a lesson in steganography 101 where "Every Picture [or image of Bush and Cheney] Tells a Story". And as if to test her new found expertise, a flash priority  message labeled Chinese Hackercomes in via Squirt Gun Clipper from Fish and Dancer …"
"General Dynamics Hydra flare fired in front of the MD83's IR sensor from our Apache helo platform, would have caused the MD83 to be pulled off [ pardon the expression ] to a hotter heat source ..  What the PFers did for 9/11, was to cancel or disrupt our Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System procurements around 2001. They used the war game as cover to stop targeted command centers, such as US Air Force bases and the Pentagon Wedge 1 from defending themselves with helo-launched flares against airborne laser guided bomb techonology – `LGBT' attacks, if you will. The PFers left over from the Slick Willy years, cancelled a total of 19 programs, including the BAE Systems Advanced Tactical Infrared Countermeasures and the General Dynamics Hydra rocket. They haven't yet realized our ADuc teams are inside Amelia's HUBZone protégé teams and equipped with some old stock Hydras 70s and the new AH-64 Apaches."

"5 Wing Goose Bay Opportunities Initiatives  CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was sub-contracted by SERCO Facilities Management Incorporated and the Department of National Defence (DND) to promote a wide range of opportunities to foreign militaries and private industry at 5 of international military contacts combined with our expertise on air weapons range management Wing Goose Bay"  ..  "Welcome to Serco! .. Specializing in such market sectors as Defence, Aviation/Space, and Science and Research, Serco operates over 600 contracts in 35 countries with a staff of 37,000 personnel. .. In December 1997, Serco was proud to learn it was successful in its bid to provide operations and maintenance services at Canadian Forces Base 5 WingGoose Bay. During the 5 year Alternate Service Delivery or ASD contract, Serco was responsible for the provision of year round, non core base support activities. In February 2003, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), on behalf of the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), announced Serco was once again successful in its ASD rebid efforts and awarded the company a further 11 year operations and maintenance contract at 5 Wing Goose Bay. 900m certified firing range . Secure, remote specialized force training. Airspace flexibility - surface to 60,000 ft. Practice Target Area equipped to handle laser guided bombs Turnkey warehousing, office facilities and accommodations  immediately available. On site expertise in Air Traffic Control, Forecasting, Emergency Services, Mission - Planning,  Logistics, and Engineering. Experienced UAV testing facility."
Being taxpayers, we employ many of the clients of Cirrus Research Associates, including Serco, Senator MacCain and the FAA Contract Tower network and we ask you to research our allegations and help bring the 9/11 perpetrators to justice. 

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