Friday, November 5, 2010

Cobra Obama, Lizard Zell shorted dotcoms and airlines through 9/11

Dear Ms. Marcy:

Hawks CAFE believes Michelle (`Cobra') Obama and Leah (`Lizard') Zell shorted and airlines shares and used real-time data from General Dynamics C4 Iridium satellite system to help their fellow directors on the Chicago Council on Global Affairs manipulate bubbles and coordinate an `Obomba*' attacks through 9/11.

Obombas* = HUBZone Con Air killers; allegedly mentored by Sidley Austin's Michelle Obama and Bernardine Dohrn; hired by Kristine Marcy or Jamie Gorelick and financed by Lizard llc, General Dynamics [Iridium-Hawaii Gateway] C4 and Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

"May 23, 2007
 Internal Revenue Service  .. settlement with  law firm of [Michelle Obama 1988-1991] Sidley Austin LLP,  successor firm of  merger in 2001 between Sidley & Austin and Brown & Wood LLP, which has paid a civil tax shelter promoter penalty of $39.4 million  ..  opinions in connection withpotentially abusive tax shelters to over 700 high-net worth individuals and corporations ..  transactions  BOSS (Bond & Option Sale Strategy), variants "Son of BOSS" shelter ...  names of COBRA (Currency Options Bring Reward Alternatives)",,id=170731,00.html
"The Chicago Council on Global Affairs BOARD TREASURER Leah Zell Wanger President and Lead Portfolio Manager, Lizard Investors LLC"  ...  "Queen Of Small-Caps John H. Christy, 10.30.00 Leah [The Lizard] Zell ..  'Before  launch of Neuer Markt [Germany's answer to Nasdaq] in 1997, you'd see five IPOs a year in Germany,' says  Chicago-based fund manager ..  Neuer Markt now home to 318 companies with a combined market capitalization of $160 billion ..  [Lizard]  ..  old hand at international small-company investing ..  age 51  following international financial markets since 1984 .. She comanages Wanger European Smaller Companies Fund, registered in Dublin, which returned more than 17% annually the past three years, against 2% annually for the MSCI European Small Companies Index .. lead manager for Acorn International, a $3 billion fund available in the U.S.  invests in small companies all over the world." .. "27/09/2002 Germany's Neuer Markt  ..  close after losing 95pc of its value in past two and a half years .. bursting of  dotcom bubble ... slumped from 8105 in March 2000 to just 399 and it will be closed at the end of 2003 [Bitten by the short-selling Lizard!]"
"June 12. 2008 - Tribune Co. boss Sam Zell  leased 23rd floor of Tribune Tower  to  new investment firm headed by his sister, Leah [The Lizard] Zell Wanger .. Lizard Investors LLC" ... "..  offering Foreign Exchange as well as Hedge Fund investment advisory services to institutional and high net worth Investors.  ... clients ranging from Fund of Funds to financial institutions, to banks, mostly in SwitzerlandSan Marino and Monaco .. Lizard .. trading style developed in United States and Far East .. enhanced by .. OTC currency options." .. "AUDITORS  KPMG Century Yard Building 2nd Floor, Grand Cayman, Cayman Island, British West Indies. Mail address: PO Box 493 GT, Grand CaymanBritish West Indies ... CUSTODIAN BANK Bank of Ireland La Touche House Customs House Docks International Financial Services Centre Dublin 1 Ireland"
Our Abel Danger counter intelligence team has evidence you or Bruce McConnell gave Ms. Obama and Ms. Zell access to Iridium-HUBZone encryption keys used by short selling insiders to hedge bursting bubbles and crashing aircraft on 9/11.
Please advise your brother if you can take a call from him in Kazakhstan to discuss these allegations and McConnell International LLC's handling of security of public key encryption system at your offices (Tel: 202-289-8800) in 1301 K Street NW, West Washington, DC 20005 in the same building as the K Street Sex Club, apparently frequented by the Alinsky community organizer and radical, Barack Hussein Obama.
Thank you for your cooperation with Hawks CAFE, Abel Danger and RESCUE '08.

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