Friday, November 5, 2010

Kristine Marcy sold HUBZone loans for a Gorelicking 9/11

Dear Ms. Marcy:
Hawks CAFE believes that while serving as SBA Chief Operating Officer Kristine Marcy, and KPMG auctioned pools of HUBZone loans used by Obomba* terrorists and Jamie Gorelick, Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae (1997-2003) to finance (murder for hire) on 9/11.
Obombas* = HUBZone terrorists allegedly mentored by former Sidley Austin associates Bernardine Dohrn and Michelle Obama, hired by Kristine Marcy or Jamie Gorelick and financed through abusive KPMG tax shelters by Paul Desmarais, David Rockefeller and Lester Crown of General Dynamics [Iridium] C4 and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. 
"NEW YORK, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Hanover Capital Mortgage Holdings, Inc. (Amex: HCM) announced today that the Small Business Administration ('SBA') will sell a portion of its $1.1 billion Loan Sale #3 on, HCM's on-line mortgage loan exchange.  The SBA will sell eight pools of assets, including performing and non-performing loans collateralized by single-family and commercial real estate, and commercial financed loans as well as some unsecured loans [Fannie Mae].  The eight pools, totaling approximately $16 million, are part of a 46 pool sale scheduled for December 5, 2000. Hanover Capital Partners Ltd., an affiliate of, is the Financial Advisor to the SBA for Sale #3, along with Hanover Capital's teaming partner, KPMG Consulting LLC."

'But we also do know who attacked us on 9-11. We do know that Able Danger made their report about four of the attackers in 2000. We  know  report was submitted and request for action was denied. We  know  Gorelick policy `wall' was in effect at the time. We do know Clinton was President and Dick Clark was terrorism guru. We do know 9-11 commission staffers were briefed on these events and 9-11 commissioners were not.' 
"In reading this article about Crony Capitalism at Fannie Mae (tip to Instapundit), I noticed that Jamie Gorelick was one of the Fannie executives who benefited from inflated bonuses based on Enron-style accounting. She was Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae from 1997 to 2003 (Fannie's fraudulent accounting scheme was made public in 2004). This is the same Jamie Gorelick who was Deputy Attorney General in the mid 1990s and was reported to have been the author of the Clinton Administration's WALL against sharing intelligence data between foreign and domestic agencies. Without thepolicies instituted by Gorelick still in place in 2001, officials might have learned more about the 9/11 attacks before the planes hit the buildings."
'Fannie Mae is dedicated to promoting, increasing, and improving the quality of procurement opportunities for ..  HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zones) Business Enterprises, 8(a) Business Enterprises, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Enterprises, and Small Business Enterprises in its procurement process.';jsessionid=2EFAJ5W31VPW1J2FECISFGA?p=About+Fannie+Mae&s=Corporate+Procurement&t=Supplier+Diversity
"'In late 2001, I got a tip that Fannie's derivatives accounting might be suspect. I asked Susan Lee to investigate, and the editorial she wrote in February 2002, 'Fannie Mae Enron?', sent Fannie's shares down nearly 4% in a day. In retrospect, my only regret is the question mark. Mr. Raines reacted with immediate fury, denouncing us in a letter to the editor as 'glib, disingenuous, contorted, even irresponsible,' and that was the subtle part. He turned up on CNBC to say, in essence, that we had made it all up because we didn't want poor people to own houses, while Freddie issued its own denunciation. ... half of the implicit taxpayer subsidy for Fan and Fred is pocketed by shareholders and management. According to the Federal Reserve, the half that goes to homeowners adds up to a mere seven basis points on mortgages. In return for this, Fannie was able to pay no fewer than 21 of its executives more than $1 million in 2002, and in 2003 Mr. Raines pocketed more than $20 million. Fannie's left-wing defenders are underwriters of crony capitalism, not affordable housing .. The abiding lesson here is what happens when you combine private profit with government power. You create political monsters that are protected both by journalists on the left and pseudo-capitalists on Wall Street, by liberal Democrats [Obomba] and country-club Republicans"
"WASHINGTON: Fannie Mae, the biggest U.S. mortgage finance company, sued its former auditor, KPMG, for $2 billion Tuesday, saying the accounting firm failed to fulfill its role as an independent watchdog and prevent $6.3 billion in accounting errors. Fannie Mae accused KPMG of 17 counts of 'negligence and breach of contract,' according to the lawsuit filed in the superior court of the District of Columbia. The government-chartered company says it suffered $2 billion in damage as a result, including $1 billion in costs to restate earnings. KPMG 'will pursue our own claims against Fannie Mae' in the same court, a KPMG spokesman, Tom Fitzgerald, said Tuesday, without elaborating .. Fannie Mae's board fired KPMG in December 2004 after the Securities and Exchange Commission found that Fannie Mae executives had been using improper 'cookie jar' reserves and deferred expenses to smooth earnings and reach bonus targets for a four-year period dating back to 2001"

Our Abel Danger counterintelligence team has evidence to suggest that the Obombas buy planes through HUBZone tax shelters, modify them so they can be destroyed with little evidence of murder for hire, sell them at a loss, destroy them and then share (re)insurance with conspirators, including SBA 8(a) firms and preferred sureties, and victim families.
Given your fiduciary role in setting up KPMG-HUBZone loan auctions and conducting due diligence on online buyers of U.S. war-gaming technology (see notes) used on 9/11, we ask you to study the content of our urls and advise us how to proceed.

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