Friday, November 5, 2010

Marcy, McConnell manage Obama campaign with bogus birth certificate

Dear Ms. McGinnis:
Marcy, McConnell manage Obama campaign with bogus birth certificate 

Hawks CAFE believes Kristine Marcy and Bruce McConnell are helping their Suite 450 associates to `manage' the Obama presidential election campaign through the unlawful custody of a bogus Hawaiian birth certificate which, if exposed, would prove that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born American and therefore he cannot be president.

"Wednesday, September 9, 1998  COLUMN ONE  Sentenced to a Life in Limbo The prisoners no one wants, INS detainees often languish in indefinite detention even after completing their terms .. By MIKE CLARY, PATRICK J. MCDONNELL, Times Staff Writers .. Report Criticizes Holding INS Detainees In fact, in a report to be released in Washington on Thursday, Human Rights Watch, which monitors developments in more than 70 countries, charges that holding INS detainees in local jails wrongfully punishes them and violates international standards. INS officials concede that tensions in overcrowded facilities are near the flash point, especially among frustrated lifers. 'Just from a human standpoint, we're left with very unhappy detainees who are virtually hopeless and have little motivation to be well-behaved,' noted Kristine Marcy, INS senior counsel on detention and deportation. 'This population, when they don't think they are going to get out soon, are hard to manage.' 
"This animated gif image goes back and forth between obama's birth certificate and a real birth certificate. note the missing seal, the blacked out certificate number and the differences along the edges of the seal. in order to show detail this is a high mg download."
Our Abel Danger counter-intelligence team has determined that Marcy and her Suite 450 partners are `managing' the election campaigns of both Barack Obama and John McCain through their unlawful custody of personal files stolen from INS and USIS by the Carlyle Canada private equity group.
Did someone say McConnells? Did anyone hear McTumbrels?

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