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Reform BC asks Prime Minster for source of Liberal Climate Action Dividend

Sovereign Hereditary Siyam Kiapalano(TM), Trustee for the (C)SQUAMISH(TM) Nation supports Reform BC in tracing funds used by B.C. Liberals to pay a 'Climate Action Dividend'
Canadian Prime Minster, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper pm@...
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa K1A 0A2
June 27, 2008
The Reform Party of British Columbia

Dear Prime Minister Harper:
Reform BC asks Prime Minster for source of Liberal Climate Action Dividend
Sovereign Hereditary Siyam Kiapalano(TM), Trustee for the (C)SQUAMISH(TM) Nation and his colleagues in the Federation of Sovereign Nations supports Reform BC in tracing the source of funds used by B.C. Liberal premier Gordon Campbell to pay a 'Climate Action Dividend' with $100 checks sent to individual B.C. residents.

Reform BC notes that the $100 checks are drawn against a federal government account where all taxpayers have an equitable right to trace B.C.'s climate dividends or carbon taxes through the account's two signatories, the Receiver General and the Deputy Receiver General for Canada.
The Reform Party is asking you to identify the source of the British Columbia Climate Action Dividend because we fear that the payments may be an attempt to enforce the future collection of carbon taxes through collateralized debt obligations on those who accept the $100 payment.
'Fri Jun 20, 6:21 PM By Jennifer Graham, The Canadian Press '(The carbon tax plan) is like the national energy program in the sense that the national energy program was designed to screw the West and really damage the energy sector - and this will do those things,' Harper told a small crowd in Saskatoon. 'This is different in that this will actually screw everybody across the country.'
The Reform Party is also asking you to identify the authority used by the Liberal government of British Columbia to pay a Climate Action Dividend through a federal government account in order to 'sweeten' the public into accepting a carbon tax which your government appears to believe (see quote above) would 'screw everybody across the country'.
Members of the Reform Party Board have not accepted what they consider to be a $100 bribe and further believe that properly-informed British Columbians will not be 'bought' by a Liberal climate-action dividend or persuaded by a Liberal climate-change fraud.
Reform BC leader David Hawkins, appreciates the support of Siyam Kiapalano(TM) in the Party's efforts to trace the source of the Climate Dividend and to present a scientific, economic, legal and constitutional argument for the abolition of a Liberal carbon tax 'sold' for a $100 with the spurious claim that anthropogenic CO2 is a principal component of harmful climate change.
If you require information on our progress in tracing the source of the Liberal Climate Action Dividend and our carbon-tax educational campaign, please contact David Hawkins (see below) or Irene-Peace: Kiapalano, Business Manager for Siyam Kiapalano(TM) Mobile:  604 604-603-2103

Yours sincerely,
David Hawkins, Leader 604-542-0891
cc:  Ron Gamble, President 604-980-7779
Premier of British Columbia, The Honourable Gordon Campbell,
Siyam Kiapalano(TM) Trustee for the (C)SQUAMISH(TM) Nation 
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