Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Abel Danger's Bye Bye to Admiral 'Backdoor' Fallon

Hawks CAFE Abel Danger intelligence team's 'Bye Bye' to Admiral William 'Backdoor' Fallon, head of U.S. Central Command operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, whose resignation has just been announced.

Hillary Weatherwomen pimps in a Governor Spitzer sting

Belief Hillary Clinton 'Weatherwomen' pimps set up sting on NY governor Spitzer .. sending money to pay for prostitute's interstate travel and entrapping him in recorded violation of the Mann Act. 

Stockwell show March 11, 7-9 am MT, 'Desmarais mortgage for Daley death squads'

Proposed topic, 'Desmarais mortgage for Daley death squads'
Tuesday, 7-9 am MT, March 11, 2008, Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630)

Bimbo-Bomba Bird flies a Daley baseball bat

Hawks CAFE sees the organizer of al-Qaeda's 9/11 as a 'Bimbo-Bomba Bird' using illegally-weaponized Boeing aircraft to 'whack' Daley family rivals from behind with a flying baseball bat.

Desmarais mortgage for Daley death squads

Belief Montreal's Desmarais family providing mortgage finance to interstate and foreign community organizations of death squads (murder for hire groups) operated by Daley family out of Chicago.

The Flight 77 Pentagon Hit on 9/11: The Murders of Captain Burlingame and Captain DeConto

Synopsis: Describes 9/11 murders of Captains Charles Burlingame and Gerald DeConto using decoy-and-drone maneuvers and jets with embedded QRS-11 GyroChips (military gyroscopes).

Carlyle Capital sunk by Weatherwomen bomb squads?

Asks if Carlyle Capital Corp 'sank' after Abel Danger exposed use of Sidley Austin tax shelters to finance 'Weatherwomen' bomb squads and Carlyle insurance frauds during Global Guardian 9/11.

Obama bin hidin' a Sidley Austin bomb (aka 'SMACSONIC')

Belief: Michelle Obama has been hiding money in Sidley Austin tax shelters to develop a "SMACSONIC" bomb hot enough to destroy evidence of murder-for-hire, insurance frauds by AXA, Total, Airbus, Thales.

Commercial Club Chicago - Daley Carbon Credit - Rezko Contract Hit

Belief Commercial Club of Chicago extorted by William Daley carbon-credit tax shelters; contract hits of climate deniers or Daley family rivals through Chicago hit teams controlled by Tony Rezko.

Daley's carbon credits for Rezko's contract hits

Belief William Daley promotes carbon-credit tax shelters to finance contract killing of climate deniers and/or Daley family rivals through a Chicago network of hit teams controlled by Tony Rezko.

An Obomba-Rezko mortgage for Boeing 9/11?

Asks if Michelle Obama ('Hottie Obomba') - Tony Rezko arranged mortgage on Boeing's Chicago HQ, apparently rigged with explosives to extort directors into Global Guardian 9/11 war game

Weatherwomen bombing in Sidley Austin tax frauds

Belief at launch of Molten Metal Technologies in 1989, intellectual-property lawyers formed a Weatherwomen's group to develop bombs hot enough to destroy evidence of Sidley Austin tax fraud.

Rezko trial - A diversion from 'Obomba' 9/11?

Asks if Rezko trial Chicago diverts from 'Obomba' tax shelters used by Obama law-firm associates to conceal molten-metal bombs on Boeings to vaporize evidence of insurance frauds in 9/11 war game.

Obama law firm buys Airbus bombs to destroy Boeing

Belief Sidley Austin law-firm; Michelle Obama, use Airbus molten-metal bomb to extort Boeing directors; destroy global competitor to European Aeronautics Defense and Space Company and BAE.

Rezko, Osama need a 'Deep Throat' Obama

Belief Rezko needs Deep Throat to deflect investigations into Michelle Obama, Sidley Austin law firm clients, Airbus-EADS, and molten-metal bombs used by OBL to vaporize Boeings on 9/11.

KTKK Stockwell Feb. 29 'Rezko hired al-Qaeda, Daly paid the rent

roposed discussion topic, 'Rezko hired al-Qaeda, Daly paid the rent' for Friday, Feb. 29 Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630, 7-9 am MT)

Rezko's COBRA hides 'Obomba' death squad

Belief Tony Rezko bought COBRA tax shelters from Sidney Austin law firm in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York to hide victim life-insurance payments to an 'Obomba' death squad network.

Premier Campbell Killing on Chicago Climate Exchange

Belief extortionists in 'B.C. Office of the Premier' short sold carbon and life-insurance contracts in Chicago for killing from tax-loss futures and money laundering through Chicago Climate Exchange.