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Colorado Shooter: James Holmes - Altering Reality - An Alternative Theory

By: 911 Disclosure Blog

COLORADO - On Friday, July 20th 2012, twenty-four year old Aurora resident and San Diego native, James (Jim) Eagan Holmes, was arrested beside his white Hyundai Tiburon, surrounded by trails of blood, and held without bond for the mass murder and shooting of a large number of people at the AMC Century 16 Multiplex in Aurora, Colorado during a showing of the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises". There were 12 victims killed and as many as 59 wounded in the brazen attack on movie goers. 
  James was currently attending college at the University of Colorado, where on June 7th, he failed an important oral exam and purchased a rifle only hours later. Three days later, he withdrew from pursuing his PhD in Neuroscience without explanation. Holmes had received a $171,024 training grant from the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Md., with $21,600 paid out in 12 monthly installments, including $26,000 for "personal expenses". 
  This is where things get interesting though.
Previously, he had attended college at Miramar Community College in San Diego, and after the shooting, a video of him speaking at science camp six years before was sent to ABC news. In the video, he mentioned something called, "Subjective Experiences", "Temporal Illusions" and spoke about "Fantasy vs Reality." The concept of Temporal Illusions is part of the philosophical debate on "Consciousness" and how we perceive "reality". 
  Predictably, the internet is being flooded with theories of what or who was really behind this attack (1, 2, 3, 4). People have questioned where he got the funding to purchase $20,000 in equipment, the technical experience to build sophisticated booby traps in his apartment, the timing of the event in relation to the UN Arms Treaty, the DHS/FBI report on theater shootings, the Batman comic depicting the same event in 1986, the trailer for Gangster Squad, shown before the movie, where a gunman comes out of the screen and shoots people in a movie theater, Lil Wayne's recent video in a theater with 12 skeletons (The same number of people killed.) in the frame, and more. 
  For some people, the story seems too much to be a coincidence, yet it could still have a plausible explanation. A logical one that everyone else seems to have overlooked is, an experiment, but not just any experiment, an experiment by a person who delved into the Occult sciences of the mind, a student of neuroscience, not only in school, but in his free time. 

While researching temporal illusions, I came across this website, claiming the same thing Holmes mentioned about "changing the past" through temporal alteration. 

Change the Past by Altering your Perception of it

"You can literally change the past by altering your perception of it. The past has no effect except by its influence on the present. By changing the past that exists in your consciousness, you alter its connection to the present reality. Time does not exist, it is an illusion, so by “going back” in what we call “time” and changing your thoughts, you will influence what you are experiencing in the Now. Your present reality is literally influenced by your thoughts of the past."

We can change our past by altering our memory of it. When we change the way we think about what happened, we tap into an alternate past timeline where the way we imagine it to be really did happen that way. The alternate past timeline leads to certain things that would have happened in our alternate present reality. Therefore this reality manipulation with consciousness would result in synchronicities occurring in the present or near future of our actual timeline, as it merges with an alternate one.

By changing the way you perceive the past, you will also change the way others perceive the past. Your change in consciousness will also result in a change in their consciousness. Your merger of an alternate reality will cause a merger in their reality. Something may have happened in the past which you perceived in a negative way. But if you choose now to perceive what happened in a positive way or to perceive what’s positive in it, other people’s perception of it will also be changed in the present.

Changing perception of the past is literally changing the past itself, together with the memory of it. Reality is held by awareness. One thing in memory is associated with another. When you change your perception of something about the past, you will change everything else that is associated with it that everyone is unaware of. Those things that people are unaware of are open for temporal alteration. Any kind of medium that records the past will also reflect a change in its recording."

On Wikipedia, we can see more talk about temporal illusions and the perception of time, they also speak about the use of psychoactive drugs and their role in this.

Time Perception

Illusions of time
"A temporal illusion is a distortion in sensory perception caused when the time between the occurrence of two or more events is very short (typically less than a second). In such cases a person may misperceive the temporal order of the events. The kappa effect is a form of temporal illusion verifiable by experiment[16] whereby time intervals between visual events are perceived as relatively longer or shorter depending on the relative spatial positions of the events. In other worlds, the perception of temporal intervals appears to be directly affected, in these cases, by the perception of spatial intervals. The Kappa effect can be displayed when considering a journey made in two parts that take an equal amount of time. Between these two parts, the journey that covers more distance will appear to take longer than the journey covering less distance, even though they take an equal amount of time.

Psychoactive substances
Psychoactive drugs can alter the judgement of time. Some – such as entheogens – may also dramatically alter a person's temporal judgement. Substances such as LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline may affect our time perception. At higher doses time may appear to slow down, stop, speed up, go backwards or even seem out of sequence. In 1955, British MP Christopher Mayhew took mescaline hydrochloride in an experiment under the guidance of his friend, Dr Humphry Osmond. On the BBC documentary The Beyond Within, he described that half a dozen times during the experiment, he had "a period of time that didn't end for me".[citation needed]
Stimulants can lead both humans and rats to overestimate time intervals,[17][18] while depressants can have the opposite effect.[19] The level of activity in the brain of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine may be the reason for this.[20]"

  It was reported that James took a significantly high dose of 100 milligrams of Vicodin prior to the shooting, perfect for someone who is trying to enter a different state of perception in order to alter reality. Vicodin is known to cause hallucinations in larger doses.

  It seems plausible that the line between fantasy and reality had been blurred for Mr. Holmes, and that his tendency to play role playing games was more than entertainment, but a reflection on his worldview. He bought into a destructive philosophy that assumes no truth or absolutes. James, it appears, felt he could alter not only the reality in his own mind, but in the mind of others.

  He mentioned "changing the past" in the video, and he implied (above) on a dating website that he may be sent to prison. He asked, "Will you visit me in prison?", a question that could be taken more than one way. He may have meant that he would be in prison, or more cynically, he may have been hinting at his plan to change the past, questioning whether or not the possibility of visiting him in prison will even exist at that time.

  The drugs it appears were not to protect him from pain, he had body armor for that, but instead, to induce an altered state of mind, to allow him the ability to change his perception of reality and create a new one. He likely believed that nothing is real and experience is simply subjective, so there are no real consequences to a crime that took place in an alternate reality.

  Was James Holmes literally insane? I say he was, because he was taught to follow a path of neutralism and subjectivity, leading him to believe he could do no wrong, and he could become a character (The Joker) from a comic book/tv show/movie. It was reported that when he was arrested, plastic bags were put over his hands in order to preserve the gunpowder residue, and he used the bags as hand puppets. The police from inside the jail reported that he was still "in character" the next day.

  Now that we see Mr. Holmes in court, it looks as if he's having trouble with understanding why he isn't changing reality. You'd think a guy like that would start small, and check things out first, instead of beginning with a murderous rampage. But he was convinced, he was introverted, detached from reality to the point that he believed he could pull it off.

  It's been reported that on the window of his mothers' SUV is a sticker of a support group for self-mutilating, suicidal people. I wonder where he got the Vicodin? Was he dealing drugs, or was it prescribed to him by a psychiatrist? Since writing this article and having to update it, we have learned that he in fact WAS under psychiatric care (As I suspected), he allegedly even sent a notebook to his psychiatrist describing what he was going to do, but she never got it in time. The doctor, Lynn Fenton, even contacted University police to warn them about him, weeks before anything happened. 

  The story here is intriguing, and there is much room for speculation. What we do know is, the details will come out in the near future, questions will be answered, misconceptions will be corrected, and I'm confident that my theory will be further supported by the information. Unless, of course, James changes the past. 


Anonymous said...

Hmmm not insane, reckless. He wanted to change the event's outcome through temporal illusions because he did not want the ending to remain the way it was because its wrong and he knows that. Why else try to change it? I think that's why he told police about his apartment because he realized his experiment was not working and that other people could get hurt and he wasn't so sure he could change it.

galatic federation of light said...


St Udio said...

MusiVick says:

Holmes intended to become a part of his experiment of changing the Past

that was the reason for sending the crime details/p;ans to his Psychiatrist earlier, before the 20 July action date.

Holmes planned to modify the massacree into a justified homocide event by the sheer intent of his consciousness on the past event...

~and possibly being deemed a citizen hero in thwarting a terror attack of the 12 person team slain by him on 20 July as the 'new' history would reflect

reality'temporal modification indeed

Marc Stinebaugh said...

Notice that he sent a notebook with the plans of his attack. If you read the last line of the website I quoted in the article, it states that any medium that records an event will also change with the alteration of reality. Turns out, he was wrong, you can't change the past, no matter how much you believe it.

jsm said...

has anyone else heard that "his" Hyundai had a Tennessee license plate number?

Not sure if that's more Sorcha's "information" and that's why I'm asking.. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I find this intresting because i had a strange occurance happen to me, ill post a link where i explain it. I believe he really was close to changing a persons perception of an event. Here is why:;_ylt=Aljc2JAaUYMEM6f9qNMJjv3ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120908113511AAnFii8

Marc Stinebaugh said...

License plate story is incorrect, you can see the mountains on the license plate, it's a colorado plate, plus the colors, Sorcha Faal strikes again.

Marc Stinebaugh said...

To be fair to the esoteric and unknown, I have seen time repeat before my eyes, three times, two on the same night and one on another night. The same guy was always with me (coincidentally?) all three times, a friend of mine. He witnessed it too, nobody else around us did, except the third one, my girlfriend noticed. It was f***ing crazy, no explanation yet from any of us how that is possible.