Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook and the Dark Knight Rises

During the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises", we can see a clip where a map of Gotham City is shown. The only text clearly visible on the map says, "Sandy Hook" to the left of the radios.

You can see it more clearly here at this link: Large Gotham City Map

Here is another picture of the map, uploaded online by some Batman fan.
Larger Version

Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, is the most recent location that a record-high-death-toll-mass-shooting has taken place in the US. The last mass shooting of this magnitude was in Aurora, Colorado at the hands of another psychotic "genius" named James Holmes, still on trial at the time of this event. 
(Click here to see my article on James Holmes)

So, what is interesting about this map? That it says Sandy Hook? No, that's not alone interesting enough for me to post about it, what is interesting, is that the original map of Gotham City does not say "Sandy Hook", it says the name of that island is actually, "South Hinkley". There is no mention of a Sandy Hook anywhere. Here is the picture of that map.
Larger Map
 I wanted to point out the change in the name of the island, you can study the features and see that they are in fact, clearly, the same location, yet, the name has been changed from the book where the map was published, "The Dark Knight Manual".

As if that were not enough, James Holmes who shot the people in Colorado actually changed his hair color and claimed he was the Joker from the movie, "Batman: The Dark Knight", and shot people in a movie theater during a showing of the movie, "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises". Oddly enough, those who had seen the movie, "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises", also saw a the trailer for "James Bond: Sky Fall", you can see another clip from that trailer that shows the word "Aurora", clear as day. Skyfall image of Aurora
All of this could mean nothing at all, but the coincidences we see take place sure are interesting. Another author has his own take on it, you can read his article here: 

Are there more coincidences such as these? Yes, in fact, there are quite a few. Do some Google searching and you'll see just how many there are. 

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