Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reform BC exposes hard-cap carbon-bond racketeering

Exposure of private-equity and public pension fund  ('bcIMC') use of RADARSAT, BC OnLine and MindBox software in personal property fraud and 'hard-cap' carbon-bond racketeering

Open e-mail sent November 02, 2007 to:
The Honourable Gordon Campbell premier@...
Premier of British Columbia, Box 9041, Station PROV GOVT
Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 9E1 Phone: (250) 387-1715
Canadian Prime Minster, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper pm@...

From: Reform Party of British Columbia

Dear Premier Campbell and Prime Minister Harper:
Re: Reform BC exposes hard-cap carbon-bond racketeering
 Reform BC has exposed private-equity group and public pension fund ('bcIMC') use of RADARSATBC OnLine and MindBox software in personal property fraud and 'hard-cap' carbon-bond racketeering.
 Our research indicates that CAI-Carlyle Canada (a bcIMC private equity group), surveils targets with RADARSAT, attaches carbon bonds to BC OnLine registries, and triggers credit-default swaps with bogus MindBox rule violations to justify 'Kyoto Hard Cap' confiscation of personal property.
 Refom BC is demanding that you appoint independent forensic auditors to account for any and all transactions involving carbon bond or hard cap collateralized debt obligations executed by bcIMC private equity groups since B.C.'s pension and insurance funds were pooled in January 2000.
 Yours sincerely

David Hawkins, Leader 604-542-0891
cc: Ron Gamble, President 604-980-7779
cc: Darcy Rezac, Managing Director Board of Trade 604-641-1255
cc: Heather Holden, Director of Environment Fraser Institute 604-688-0221
cc: Media

 Notes: "Reform BC exposes hard-cap carbon-bond racketeering"
 "Campbell announced his BC Liberal government would introduce measures in the fall legislative session to pass into law his previously announced goals of a 33 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the next 13 years. "No other province in Canada has taken such a legal measure," he said. "British Columbia will lead the way." Among Campbell's other announcements: new legislation that will make B.C. the first province to set "hard caps" on greenhouse gas emissions through market mechanisms (e.g., carbon trading); next month's roll out of a "climate action team" made up of representatives of environmental, business, scientific and First Nations groups; $100 million over 10 years for improved flood protection; a carbon-neutral government by 2010; $50 million for B.C. Transit to expand its fleet; and the replacement of hundreds of thousands of conventional household power meters with "smart meters" that allow customers to monitor their power consumption and sell back their surplus." 

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